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  Check out these tips for planning your outdoor grow. This is a good one to bookmark and check back in on year after year. No reason to lose a whole season’s work when an expert’s got your covered.
  Growers love to tell horror stories of crops gone wrong. These are some of the worst we’ve ever heard. Don’t learn from your mistakes. Learn from these instead.
  In every issue of Rosebud Magazine, we take a look at some of the coolest gear to help your grow flourish. Check out this selection of goodies to keep your yields huge and delicious.
  Plant science never ceases to fascinate me. My favorite moments have always been when I think I knew something inside and out only to be astonished once again by the baffling wonder that is nature. I remember sitting in a botany class in the early 2000s, listening to my…
  Loyal Advanced Nutrients customers may be familiar with a system of base nutrients known as Jungle Juice™, which was previously available as an affordable three-part Grow-Micro-Bloom system. Some growers had success with the product while others preferred alternatives like the two-part Sensi Grow & Bloom system and, as usual,…
  Each essential element plays a vital role in plant health and development. Most indoor horticulturists come to understand N-P-K and how its value can affect their gardens, but many may not fully comprehend the roles played by the other essential elements.
  For this round of Industry Gab, we caught up with the director of sales at Odorchem Manufacturing Corp. to get the lowdown on how he sees the hydroponics industry. It’s another one-of-a-kind conversation with an expert on the frontlines of the growing industry.
  Believe it or not, one of the hardest areas to master within an indoor grow room is propagation. Whether starting from seed or clone, it is difficult for many growers of high-value plants to produce consistent results.
  There’s an increasingly popular trend of tinkering with your plants’ photoperiod in order to trigger the flowering process out of season. The benefits are obvious: You get precocious amounts of flowers whenever you please and you get them more times per year than is possible using a natural light…
  In last week’s article, Indoor Garden Root Diseases: Part 1, I discussed two of the more common root diseases found in an indoor garden, pythium and rhizoctonia. There are a few other root diseases that can quickly cause distress for a grower of high-value plants.

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