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City Solutions: Entrepreneur Rebecca Louie Teaches New Yorkers to Dig Dirt

The Compostess will help you learn how to help the environment. The Compostess will help you learn how to help the environment.


It all begins with Eisenia fetida, otherwise known as the red wiggler worm. These fascinating earthworms break down and transform food scraps into nutrient-rich soil.

Growing up in Queens, Rebecca Louie once believed that composting was just for organic farmers or people who lived in the country. Today, this Certified Master Composter is bringing one of nature’s most basic functions to clients in the concrete jungle.

“Composting provided me with a powerful connection to nature and the basic cycle of life,” said Louie, whose company, The Compostess, offers organic composting solutions specially designed for urban living.

“Learning I could transform my trash into a vital soil resource was incredibly empowering,” she added. “Composting inspires people to think differently about what they throw away. Peels and scraps suddenly become a resource, not trash. This kind of thinking is transforming our society and our environment.”

Thanks to Louie, New Yorkers of all stripes are embracing the transformative powers of home composting – even those without much space to work with. The savvy environmentalist pointed out, for example, that worm bins can easily fit inside a closet or under a sink.

“I work with clients to set realistic goals and create practical systems that accommodate their space and lifestyle,” Louie said.

As for the squeamish who worry about smelly bins, Louie said the only scent her clients detect is “rich and gorgeously earthy.”

She has even had success with people who are afraid to handle creepy crawlies.

“I have watched a room of 6-year-old Brownies go from squealing and scared to worm-wielding warriors in mere moments,” said Louie, who also hosts eco-tainment events for children.

“Instead of putting kids around a table to make a lanyard or paint a T-shirt, have them build a tiny worm bin, learn about the ecosystem, and bring it home as new pets to love and care for,” she said. “It’s fun, creative and educational!”

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