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Gear Up: Other Fun Things To Do with a Green Thumb

  • Written by  Paul Semel and Peter Suciu
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Protect your eyes and look good at the same time with A.C.E.S. Protect your eyes and look good at the same time with A.C.E.S.

Check out these handy items for outdoor growers, hikers, and campers. Many of these are useful even once the outdoor grow season has passed. Others, you'll definitely want once it's time to put your crops in the ground.

Outback Orienteering

Just about every GPS device offers turn-by-turn directions and points of interest, and can lead you to a fine seafood dinner. But the eXplorist 310 handheld GPS from Magellan ($199.99; www.magellangps.com) is also rugged, waterproof and submersible—perfect for finding your way back to your covert garden. It provides accuracy of 10-15 feet and can run for up to 18 hours of constant usage. It’s even pre-loaded with the complete road networks for the United States, Canada and Western Europe. And with the Fishing Hot Spots’ Lake Digital Maps ($11.45 each; www.fishinghotspots.com), it can provide info on the best fishing spots for your personal catch of the day.


Ace of Shades

Considering how often we break them, leave them behind or just misplace them in our own homes, it’s no surprise that most people’s annual sunglasses budget is so high that affording more than one pair at a time is just not economically feasible. But A.C.E.S. from Arnette ($89.95-$119.95 each; www.arnette.com/aces) gives you some relief by letting you swap out the arms with ones in different colors. Whether it’s the black Dibs with optional neon-blue arms or the orange Moulahs with the extra black arms, it’s like having two, two, two pairs in one.


Geek Chic

There are times when you just can’t wear an Iron Man T-shirt: weddings, bar mitzvahs, whenever your mother is involved. But you can still let your geek flag fly with some accessories from the Novo Geek. Made from the same material as their uniform replicas, their Star Trek ties ($50 each; www.thenovogeek.com) come in command gold, science blue and disposable red, with the Starfleet insignia small at the bottom. Or you can take command with Battlestar Galactica Capt. Adama cufflinks ($39.95 a pair; www.thenovogeek.com), which subtly lets everyone know that you have the com.


Watch Out

Casio may be known for its nerdy ’80s calculator watches, but man, how times have changed. The new PRW5100-1 ($480; www.casio.com) is built for a walk in the wilderness. It includes a compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer, along with an LED light so you can find your way when the sun goes down. It is also solar powered, water-resistant to 100 meters, can track time in 29 cities, has five separate alarms, and has both a stopwatch and a timer.


On the Horn

The iPhone fits great in your pocket but it’s not exactly comfortable to hold between your cheek and shoulder when your hands are otherwise occupied. The iG1 Wireless Handset from Good Call ($79.99; www.goodcallbro.com) solves this sizable conundrum by wirelessly connecting a landline-style handset to your iPhone. Not only does it let you gab comfortably for four hours on the rechargeable handset, but it’ll even charge your iPhone while you use it.


Rough Enough

After a day in your wilderness garden, a hot meal and a hot shower can be so welcoming. With the Heatstick portable heating device from HEATGEAR ($402.93; www.heatgear.dk), you can boil two gallons of water without the need for a fire. Just drop it in a thermos and let it cook your dinner while you hike. Then, after you eat, use the Helio Pressure Shower ($100; www.nemoequipment.com) to get clean. It uses the rays of the sun to heat enough water for a seven-minute shower that, after lugging your grower gear through the woods, will feel like seven minutes in heaven.


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