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Great Gardening Gifts for Traditional & Hydroponic Growers

These items make great gifts at any time of year. These items make great gifts at any time of year.

 Check out these great gift ideas for your fellow growers. Or maybe treat yourself to something special!

Pouring Good Cheer

At some point in their growing cycle, every grower, indoor or out, needs to be able to accurately pour and measure liquid – typically fertilizers, additives and beneficials. Many of us do this daily, yet we may find ourselves using less than scientific gear to make important measurements that affect the health of our crop.

A polypropylene graduated cylinder can easily and accurately measure any type of liquid, plus it makes you look and feel scientific about your growing enterprises while helping to eliminate costly mistakes.

Economical graduated polypropylene cylinder, 1000 mL

Price: $42.50



Trimming the Tree

A good pair of scissors can make a significant difference in how much your crop churns out and how much work you have to put into both growth and trimming at harvest.

During growth and bloom, pruning unwanted lower or shaded shoots and branches allows plants to channel more energy into parts of the plant receiving more light, translating into significant yield increases. At harvest, when it comes time to trim your crop, a good pair of spring-loaded scissors can save you lots of aches and cramps, translating into a faster trim time to get your crop to storage or market. Good-quality stainless steel blades that can be sharpened and sterilized are superior to dull and dirty kitchen-type scissors and will better endure frequent usage.

Advanced Nutrients

Trimming Scissors

Price: $11.95



Sparkling Lights at Night

The Green Hornet LED Night Light is the perfect addition to any indoor garden or greenhouse. Because this powerful but efficient 3.5-watt lamp produces only pure green light, any interruption during your plants’ dark cycle is going to be minimized. Experienced growers know interrupting the dark time during bloom can have serious negative effects on your harvest, as regular lighting signals the plant to wake up and confuses the natural cycle.

The Green Hornet Night Light

Price: $22.95


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