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Lingo Bingo - Issue #23

How's your knowledge of hydroponics lingo? Take this quiz and see. How's your knowledge of hydroponics lingo? Take this quiz and see.


C’mon down and join us here in Hydro Lingo Bingo — the game where you get to show your level of hip-talk in hydroponics.

1. “Making beans” refers to:

a) The fact that you are on a low

b) A warning to others to hold their

c) Creating seeds.

d)  Growing plants like vines.

2. Checking out the “trichs”
    (pronounced “trikes”) means
    you are:

a) Downgrading from your quad

b) Inspecting a plant’s resin glands.

c) Noting the health of beneficial
    predatory insects.

3. Getting some “domes”
    means you:

a) Are in need of propagation

b) Are expecting a hot date.

c) Have mushrooms beginning to
    grow in your garden soil.

d) Are taking too many knocks to
    the head—time to get a helmet!



1. C, creating seeds

2. B, checking the plants resin glands

3. A, are in need of propagation equipment


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Cypress Hill teaches you a lingo lesson of their own.
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