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Lingo Bingo: Test Your Knowledge of Hydroponic Grower Jargon

Do you know the lingo of the hydroponic grower? Do you know the lingo of the hydroponic grower?


In every issue of Rosebud Magazine we give you the chance to test your horticultural expertise. Here’s our latest edition of Lingo Bingo. See how much jargon you know when it comes to the hydroponic growing business.

1. A knowledgeable friend tells you that a problem with your plants is “systemic.” What does he or she mean?

a) The hydroponic system you are using is making your plants sick, and should either be cleaned or replaced.

b) The issue is found throughout your entire plant body, rather than confined to one area.

c) Your nutrient system is causing issues, either from pH fluctuations or nutrient burn.


2. What is humus?

a) A dark mixture made of dead and decaying material that provides nutrients to plants and assists in holding water.

b) A delicious Middle Eastern spread.

c) An organic liquid fertilizer being pulled from shelves because it is unsafe for plants.


3. Another grower tells you that your plants are suffering from chlorosis. What is this and what are the symptoms?

a) A sickness caused by too much chlorine in your water.

b) A type of poisoning caused by using pesticides too close to the flowering cycle, which renders your plants’ flowers or fruits harmful to consume.

c) A deficiency in chlorophyll production, usually due to a nutrient deficiency or pH imbalance.



1. b

2. a

3. c


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Knowing the right lingo can mean the difference between being down or being out.
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