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Actors to Watch in 2011

Chace Crawford--a face every girl will love Chace Crawford--a face every girl will love

They play the role of teenage dream and have girls swooning in the aisles. From sparkly vampire to computer geek to wizard, these adorable young hunks battle it out to see who will be the next Matt Damon, DiCaprio, Ashton or Brad Pitt.


While the world suffers from Bieber-fever, the younger generation of boy hunks is getting serious face time on the screen. Which ones will get stereotyped forever, and which will manage to breakout of childhood roles and make the big time?

# 10 RPattz

He’s the celebrity boy-toy everyone loves to hate - because, as diehard fans of the genre insist, “Vampires don’t sparkle!!!” There’s no denying Twilight star Rob Patterson is here to stay, however; legions of teenage girls have made him a high dollar commodity with their devotion to Team Edward.

# 9 Taylor Lautner

And the Twilight franchise gets a double play, because Team Jacob has his own crowds of adoring fans. Sharkboy underwent an amazing transformation to become wolf boy, and Taylor’s ripped abs leave a trail of broken hearts behind him as he cuts a swath through available celebrity chicks.

# 8 Daniel Radcliffe

This bespectacled boy also now boasts an impressive physique; fans couldn’t wait to see him au natural in the last few installments of the Harry Potter franchise. Radcliffe will have no trouble landing roles once his stint as teen wizard is over - he’s developed a rakish look that will translate well to more mature films.

# 7 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This kid has it going on. From his beginnings as the adorable and cranky Tommy in Third Rock From the Sun, he’s worked his way quietly from role to role, grabbing a nomination for the Best Actor Golden Globe in 2009 for (500) Days of Summer and following up with a magnificent appearance opposite DiCaprio in the critically acclaimed blockbuster Inception.

# 6 Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse carried off a brilliant as the morally corrupt and completely spazzed Mark Zuckerberg in Social Network, carrying off the role with an air of geekiness and dissipation that made the film believable. He now yearns to step to the other side of the movie industry to write and produce, but expect to see him featured again in the upcoming decade!

# 5 Tobey Maguire

The adorable Spiderman with the crooked grin thrilled fans with his spidey sense and ability to smooch his girl while hanging upside down. Maguire is headed for the big time, now - with a deal in the works to star opposite DiCaprio in a remake of The Great Gatsby. Maguire has one of those faces you just can’t look away from.

# 4 Zac Efron

Zac is perfectly poised to be the next major up and coming male actor. The singer/dancer/actor managed to break free of the High School Musical set in the comedy 17 Again opposite Friends star Matthew Perry, and then brought off an excellent performance in Charlie St. Cloud. He’s destined for great things.

# 3 Chace Crawford

This debonair Gossip Girl hunk reminds us - a lot - of a younger DiCaprio. His character in the CW series is a cast favorite, and he was voted Hottest Bachelor by People Magazine in 2009. He recently starred in the gritty movie Twelve, and intends to spend more time on the big screen in the future.

# 2 Hayden Christensen

Hayden jumped to prominence on television in the FOX series Higher Ground, then easily transitioned to the silver screen as Anakin Skywalker - a role he beat out DiCaprio for in a startling wild card pick by George Lucas. Since his Star Wars appearances, Christensen has done several movies; most recently the horror film Vanishing on 7th St opposite John Leguziamo and Thandie Newton.

# 1 Ian Somerhalder

This list started with a vamp and will end with one - Damon Salvatore is a far more convincing vampire than Edward could ever be. Ian’s big breakthrough came when he landed the part of Boone in LOST, and he was disappointed when the role ended abruptly with the character’s death. His ongoing success as the rakish, intriguing and almost completely amoral Damon seems likely to last for some time, however (vampires are much, much harder to kill). Expect to see Ian landing major roles as a villain in the upcoming decade.

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