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Secret Lives of Celebrities

The young Clint Eastwood used to either dig pools or clean them The young Clint Eastwood used to either dig pools or clean them

From humble beginnings to titillating pasts to carefully guarded private lives, find out what some of our favorite celebs have tucked away in their closets! Just goes to prove that the past doesn’t dictate the future unless you let it…


Many of our favorite actors and actresses had humble beginnings. Just as many walked away from illustrious careers in other fields to shine on the silver screen. Models have been discovered in the most unlikely places, and singers started out from nothing in tiny backwoods towns.

While your hydroponics garden is working away to grow a healthy crop, remember that laughter is an important part of health, too! From first jobs to first auditions to surprising little known facts, this list will have you laughing for certain!

* I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…

Little known fact - many actors started out behind an ice cream counter! The august personalities who dipped for dollars include Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, and even Lucille Ball (who reportedly got fired for repeatedly forgetting to include bananas in banana splits!)

* Starting at the Bottom

Of course, the time honored job for down and out hopefuls includes working in the restaurant industry. Jennifer Aniston waitressed and worked as a bike-messenger; Chris Rock bused tables at Red Lobster; and financial guru Suze Orman and computer mogul Michael Dell both began as dishwashers.

* Fast Food or Fast Track?

Madonna was a Dunkin’ Donuts girl before she made the big time. Brad Pitt wore a chicken suit to promote a Mexican ‘pollo’ chain. Both rose to the very top of their professions.

* Behind the Mop, Broom or Skimmer Net

Jim Carrey was a janitor; so was Steven King, who credits his inspiration for Carrie to cleaning a girl’s locker room. Clint Eastwood was - wait for it - a pool boy. (Go ahead, leaf! Make my day…) Some say he even helped dig a few swimming pools for the Hollywood elite...

* Bond. James Bond.

During the second World War, the government employed thousands of operatives to collect information in a special secret branch called the Office of Strategic Services. Among the spies were TV cooking celebrity Julia Child, Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, and White Sox catcher Moe Berg.

* Manual Labor Makes the Man

Warren Beatty was a rat catcher; Marlon Brando, a ditch digger. Steven Spielberg exterminated bugs in fruit tree orchards. George Steinbrenner (owner of the NY Yankees) peddled eggs and chickens from his family’s farm - and beheaded on demand.

Beat novelist Jack Kerouac of On The Road fame had odd jobs as a gas station jockey, before he became a merchant seaman back in the forties. His buddy, fellow Beat writer Allen Ginsberg, also worked on some cargo ships, as well as putting in a stint as a spot welder and dishwasher. Henry Miller, author of Tropic of Cancer, and Tropic of Capricorn, worked for a cement company, in his father's tailor shop, and for Western Union as a dispatcher, before transforming that experience into the Cosmo Demonic Telegraph Company in his novels.

That’s not all! Tom Hanks worked as a bellhop carrying the bags of celebrities he would later outshine. Michael Douglas’ first job was as a gas station attendant. Quentin Tarantino worked as a movie usher - a job he would later describe as ‘the best ever’. He also worked in a video store, an experience which gave him the opportunity to watch thousands of movies to borrow ideas from.

Johnny Depp dropped out of school to be in a band - later when he tried to re-enroll, the principal discouraged him, insisting he follow his talent - gifting the world with Edward Scissorhands and Captain Jack Sparrow. Walt Disney tried to enlist in the army; booted for being underage, he drove an ambulance for years.

Mariah Carey was fired from her first job as a hat checker. 50 Cent dealt drugs in the seedy parts of Queens. Evangaline Lily (heroine of LOST) was first a bright eyed young missionary before modeling for a Canadian phone sex ad campaign. And speaking of sex, Lady Gaga was also a waitress, who did the occasional stint as a stripper, when she was eighteen!

Amazing, right?

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A former waitress, Jennifer Aniston snagged Brad Pitt at one time...
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