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Celebrity Photo Scandals: Who’s Most Shocking? (slightly NSFW) Featured

Scarlett Johansson was the recent victim of a photo hacking scandal. Scarlett Johansson was the recent victim of a photo hacking scandal.

There’s no shortage of celebrity photo scandals out there, but Scarlett Johansson seems to have set a new high for interest in nude pics of a Hollywood starlet. But before her, the likes of Britney Spears, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rosebud Magazine cover star Rihanna all had their naughty bits exposed on the web.

These starlets had their private photos hacked, or were caught accidentally exposed in public. But before them, there were plenty of other celebrities whose nude photo shoots caused them trouble, from Miss America winner Vanessa Williams to Arnold Schwarzenegger. After all the sex tapes and leaked photos, it seems we’re very interested in celebrities’ nipples, asses, and/or vaginas.

Let’s take a look at some of the photos that rocked the public, and the effect it had on the stars who showed up in their birthday suits. We’ll let you decide who you think got it the worst. Did someone have their career ruined by this stuff? Did someone have it improved?

Scarlett Johansson


We’ll start with the hottest photo scandal in recent memory. Johansson is threatening legal action against anyone posting her pics on the web, and has reportedly sat down with the FBI to help crack the hacker ring that put her tush on the internet.



A couple of years ago naked pictures of Rihanna showed up online. Her ex-boyfriend (and attacker) Chris Brown was implicated at first, but denied leaking the pics. There’s also some question as to whether the nude pics are really of Rihanna, but general consensus is that they are.

Vanessa Hudgens


The star of High School Musical claimed not to know where her racy photos came from or how they ended up on the web. She also threatened legal action against sites posting the photos, and has spoken with the FBI about the apparent hacker ring responsible for posting these naked celeb pictures.

Britney Spears


Poor Britney. She took such a public nosedive all those years back. It was a tremendous fall from grace that few would have predicted early in her career, when she seemed unstoppable. Let’s not overstate the case by saying that the picture of her getting out of a car on a day she forgot to wear panties is what undid her, but it was definitely one of the early signs that something was about to go horribly wrong.



Recording artist Cassie Ventura still isn’t quite a household name, but her nude photos did give her public profile a bit of a bump, leading some to question whether she “leaked” the photos herself.

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Before she fell from grace, Britney Spears was on top of the pop world.
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