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Bring Home the Gym with Wii Fit!

With Wii Fit stay fit. With Wii Fit stay fit.

The fitness industry has been growing profusely in the recent years; people are increasingly becoming more health conscious than ever. Banking on this growing fitness madness, over two years ago Nintendo introduced Wii Fit on the market. Wii Fit has acquired immense popularity in the world of gaming, entertainment, and fitness; it has successfully taken a diverging path among the games that come in the same category. Even though it is physically demanding, it takes video gaming to a whole new paradigm and gives the gamer an exciting experience. Wii Fit is a great product for couch potatoes to get them started with some action!

There are many new exercises in this Wii console that can help you burn off those extra calories. Wii Fit includes more than 40 fun games and activities. It challenges users in areas like yoga, aerobics, strength training, and balancing; it will surely get you moving! It is easy to access and understand. Hula hoop, for instance, will have you frantically swiveling your hips to beat your girlfriend's score, or there are games where you can perform leg extensions or downward-facing dog yoga poses; or try sledding on a snowboard. There is also a skiing game, where you can make the longest jump with proper balance while landing safely, if you're lucky! Similarly, soccer will help you improve your concentration because you have to move from one side to the other to help your player head back the balls avoiding other objects thrown at you at the same time.

Wii Fit has a distinctive peripheral called the Wii Balance Board which the player stands on during workouts. . For accurate results, it is advisable that you place your board on a hard surface, for instance on a tile, but it will also work on short-haired carpets. This computerized board can actually read your movements and bring them on screen so that you can rectify your them accordingly; I never knew my body posture was so way off, until I started to play Wii Fit. With the help of reader-friendly charts and graphs, it gives your daily weight loss progress, as well as helping you set your own exercise regime. It promotes the importance of proper balancing and gives you tips on how you can improve on your posture while exercising. For those who suffer from knee pains, Wii Fit comes with a Wii Fit Mat to be placed beneath the balance board.

Wii Fit comes with an age calculator that helps find your ideal weight according to your age. All you need to do is feed in your correct age and height, while the Wii Fit balance board will calculate your ideal weight and body mass index (BMI).

You’ll also get a personal fitness coach, who’ll guide you through dynamic workouts featuring about 500 unique exercises, such as yoga, cardio fitness, strength training, flexibility, weight loss routines, etc. Initially, most games are locked but as you progress these games get unlocked and further allow you to go to yet another level. No two workouts are ever the same. You can choose your own music (hip hop, Latin and Dance, 80’s, etc.) and the body part (upper body, lower body, core body, cardio fitness, etc.) you want to concentrate on, the instructor will take care of the rest.

Wii Fit -- A family gym.Wii Fit -- A family gym.You should remember to do a proper warm up before you start this fitness program and cool down after the game. For instance, if you start with power boxing without warming your body there are chances of muscle cramps within a few minutes.

You can enjoy these games with your family and friends because of its eight-player games capacity. It also has a feature where adults can control or restrict the content their children can access. It’s a complete fun-plus-fitness package. It trains and teaches you the right moves and helps you improve your balancing skills. All your family members can track their progress individually. The game even allows family members and friends to create their own personal accounts and choose their own avatars. It automatically keeps track of everyone’s progress, making it interesting and fun for everyone. It can really make your lazy afternoons exciting and healthy!

A few ardent video game lovers protested that Wii Fit is more of a fitness gadget than a video game. However, like any other traditional video game, Wii Fit gives you experience points that get accumulated in your Fit Bank. There are stages with challenges that you need to complete. Also, you can feed in the hours of other exercises like cycling, swimming, walking etc, and this will incorporate points in your Fit Bank to further your fitness level.

There are easy and popular games like Ski Jump, Ski Slalom, Soccer Heading; yoga games like Deep Breathing, Half-moon, Warrior, Sun Salutation, etc. Wii Fit is the first video game that has successfully encouraged all Americans to make physical activity a part of their daily lives. It is not only a great gaming console but also a good start for fitness freaks. Wii Fit has been used by health clubs around the world and it’s also used for physiotherapy rehabilitation. For the uninitiated, it endeavors to create a right mix of fun and physical fitness activities. Stick with this fitness training device; after all, we all want to look lean and fit in anything we wear!

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Wii Fit is fun, hand in hand with fitness.
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