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Gorgeous Women You Can’t Believe got Cheated On

Reese Witherspoon: would you cheat on her? Reese Witherspoon: would you cheat on her?

When a dude lands a woman like this, you can’t help but wonder ‘what was he thinking’!’ when he steps out. Sure, sometimes the little head takes control - but seriously, you’d think some form of self preservation would have kicked in.

Somehow, some way they managed to land the smart, savvy, drop dead gorgeous knockout of their dreams - and then they go mix it up with a tattooed skank who has a Nazi regalia fetish. These women had the misfortune to marry dudes who should have been kissing their feet. Their husbands lucked out with them, getting the whole package - brains, beauty, fame and money - and threw it away for a succession of ho’s. What were they thinking!

Sandra Bullock / Jesse James

The undisputed Princess of Hollywood fell for bad boy biker James and the couple whirled off into a courtship and marriage that had fans blinking. To all appearances, Sandra settled Jesse’s wild side down - but not for long. Jesse’s affair with former stripper Bombshell McGee rocked the Hollywood celebrity circle, and when photos of him surfaced in Nazi regalia, Jesse became persona non grata among the inner circles of Hollywood’s elite.

Sandra’s friends closed the circle around the stunned starlet as more women came forward, including another tattooed stripper, Melissa Smith. Smith claimed she had been seeing 40 year old Jesse for 2 years behind Bullock’s back. Apparently Sandra’s good girl image just didn’t push all of Jesse’s kinky buttons; he’s engaged now to the heavily inked tattoo artist Kat Von D. Seriously, Jesse?

Elizabeth Hurley / Hugh Grant

Grant had the gorgeous English actress and model hanging off his arm for 13 years, but apparently needed a little spice in his love life. Police officers noticed a parked car sitting in an alley with its brake lights flashing repeatedly and discovered Hugh with a hooker’s head in his lap. Hugh eventually lost Hurley and gained a rap sheet, and his lady of the night, Divine Brown, got rich off spilling her story to tabloids.

Reese Witherspoon / Ryan Phillipe

The blond actress who rose to fame playing the self centered star of Legally Blonde hit the big time and the big bucks in Walk the Line opposite Joaquin Phoenix. Reese had the smarts and the super nice savings account - so why did hubby Ryan decide his costar from Australia, Abbie Cornish was worth a torrid fling? Answer: he didn’t need to keep Reese to keep her money - the trusting starlet failed to have Ryan sign a prenup, so he walked away with a considerable chunk of her fortune and promptly bought a ‘Zen Palace’ (presumably to entertain his lady loves in).

Sex Rehab

Among the legions of other men who didn’t appreciate what a good thing they had going for them are those who excuse their behavior by claiming they were addicted to sex and it wasn’t their fault. David Duchovny entered ‘rehab’ after cheating on Tea Leoni, and Eric Benet claimed the same unfortunate addiction after stepping out on Halle Berry. Billy Bob Thornton took it one step further and boffed his sex therapist WHILE in rehab! Angelina Jolie was not amused.

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