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What is the Kindle (or iPad) all About? Worth It for Guys?

Caption: Women use their Kindle for much more than meets the eye Caption: Women use their Kindle for much more than meets the eye

We girls love our Kindles! Hey, we have to have something to occupy us during football season. And baseball season. And hockey season. And NASCAR season. But can a dude be tempted by a Kindle? Let’s find out…

We chicks like to read. Oh, yes. we do. You think all we read is the latest heart wrenching Jodi Piccoult or something Oprah recommended - but that’s just what we read in bound book format these days. Our Kindles, however, give us easy access to our guiltier pleasures - and not just at 2 AM when you’re asleep.

You think we don’t like porn? HAH! We just prefer the visuals our own naughty little minds create over some sweaty humping on a TV screen. Why do you think we slam our books shut and look flustered when you walk by the couch where we’re curled up with a glass of wine and a scented candle?

Yep. You caught us. We were smack in the middle of a description of activities you WISH you knew we knew about.

Kindles and iPads mean we can now take our guilty pleasures anywhere without having to try and hide the title of the book we’re reading or camouflage the lurid cover. That’s the real reason the Kindle was the number one gift this year for Christmas. Trust me.

What about you guys, though? Are you really interested enough in reading to invest in a handy, pocket-sized e-reader for yourselves? Or do you think there’s anything you’d even be interested in?

The main drawback of the Kindle / iPad is obvious - few or no images. Given how visual you big boys are, that could be a drawback where the full enjoyment of “Letters to Penthouse” are concerned. (Whoops. That was snide. Sorry ‘bout that.)

Fortunately for those of the male persuasion, there are plenty of great things to read in e-book format, whatever type of e-reader you have (and my vote still goes to the Kindle over the iPad as the most user friendly and portable).

First up - magazines. Not slick car mags or bikini editions - that’s kind of pointless without pics to drool over. But if you keep up with the financial world, Forbes and Fortune have made the leap to e-reader versions. Techno-geeks can enjoy Kindle-ready versions of Technology Review and PC Magazine. Those who read just for fun can order Newsweek, Time, or The New Yorker to stave off boredom while sitting in airports or on the bus.

There’s plenty of great books, too. Justin Halpern’s hilarious blog turned book Sh*t My Dad Says is available, as is the original Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. Plenty of classics abound for the more highbrowed reader, as well as digitized versions encompassing every genre from Westerns to sci-fi.

Wait - it gets better. You can read comic books now on Kindle thanks to open source software Mange, which turns your Kindle into a Mangle - so if you’re a Scott Pilgrim fan, you’re in luck! (OK, OK! Graphic novels! I meant graphic novels! Happy now?)

Bottom line - get a Kindle. They’re cool. And you can read your comi - ‘scuse me, graphic novels! on the sly.

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Both women and men can enjoy the Kindle--it's great technology!
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