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More Top 10 Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet…But Now You Will!

Get ready for vampire love stories, and more movies worthy of the Oscars Get ready for vampire love stories, and more movies worthy of the Oscars

Whether or not a movie wins an Oscar is no indication of how good it is, although some of the movies we recommend have won Oscars. And if you haven’t yet heard of a movie or a director, that could well be an indication that the movie was too intelligent, artistic and worthwhile than the herd of shallow movies that dominate North American screens. You can always rely on Rosebud to give you Top 10 movie lists of films that are worth your time. Here's another Top 10 for your viewing pleasure:

Amarcord (1973)

Most people under the age of 30 have never heard of Italian director Federico Fellini, and it’s a shame… because Fellini was one of the Mozarts of the film world. For cinema buffs, almost all his films are considered masterpieces, both visually and in their storylines. My favorite is Amarcord. Although loaded with coded political messages relating to long-ago Italian politics, it’s also a hilarious, semi-autobiographical mid-1900’s coming of age story that delights you with Fellini’s portrayal of a seaside Italian town. The cast of eccentric, colorful, wild characters is Fellinitastical, and virtually every second of every scene is loaded with dialogue, images and action that tickle your fancy. Of particularly hilarious note is a naïve young man’s first encounter with female mammary glands.

Let the Right One In:

With due respect to the marketing tweener success of the Twilight movies and True Blood, I’d rather watch the Swedish film Let the Right One In. Not only is this a heartbreakingly sweet pre-teen “love story,” it’s also a supernatural thriller that touches on schoolyard bullying, and on being an outsider, a foreigner, and a victim of fate. If you have a date with someone who is intellectually adventurous, you might find this movie to be one of the most touching love stories of all time.

Into the Wild (2007)

Sean Penn shows his formidable directorial chops in this true story based on a fascinating book by super-journalist Jon Krakauer about the philosophical and geographical wanderings of a young seeker named Christopher McCandless, who walked away from a comfortable life in an attempt to find something true and mature in himself. With strong performances by Emile Hersch as Christopher, and William Hurt and Marcia Gay Harden as Christopher’s parents, this movie took a lot of guts to make, and a lot of candor on the part of McCandless’s family.

Being John Malkovich (1999)

The plot for this film makes complete sense if you pay close attention, and you will never see anything else like it. You’ll love how John Cusack, Cameron Diaz, John Malkovich and other actors jump into their roles in a film that deals with issues of sexuality, altered consciousness, ego, mind control and…puppetry. Just be prepared to pay attention, this is not one of those mindless movies that you can half-watch and still understand.

Hotel Rwanda (2004)

Another true story, this heartrending movie portrays a heroic hotel manager who tried to intervene to save lives during the horrific Rwandan genocide of the 1990’s.  Almost journalistic in its approach, but also powerful as a dramatic movie experience, this film makes you wonder about humans- are we at all civilized and if so, why are we so violent? It also makes you wonder about the deliberate ineffectiveness of the United Nations, which could have done more to stop the Rwandan massacres, but didn’t.

Vampire love movie.Vampire love movie.Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

Move over MMA, UFC and male martial artists. Even though some of the martial arts moves in this Ang Lee Chinese thriller were assisted by special effects, you’re going to see combat that blows your mind in a storyline that’s believable, historic and entertaining.

My Life as a Dog (1985)

This Swedish gem is a funny, heartwarming and bold autobiographical film about a troubled young boy whose mother can’t handle him so he gets sent off to the Swedish countryside. There he gets beaten up by girls, acts like a human dog, and moves toward adulthood. As with Amarcord and Let the Right One in, My Life as a Dog transports you to another world…a surprising yet real world…that lets you in on what it is like to grow up in long-ago Europe, when life was sweeter and perhaps even a little stranger!

Natural Born Killers  (1994)

A cult classic starring hemp hero Woody Harrelson and Scientology vixen Juliette Lewis, with a rare pairing of director Oliver Stone working from a screenplay co-written by Quentin Tarantino. Known for its ultra-violent and hallucinatory scenes and for Harrelson’s charming portrayal of a charismatic serial killer,  Rodney Dangerfield, Robert Downey, Jr., and Tommy Lee Jones also give incredible co-star performances. As with many Stone films, this one is political and intelligent, and has generated controversy ever since its release.

Breaking the Waves (1996)

With gorgeous Scottish landscape scenery, a sophisticated European perspective, the cruelties of karma, and sexual-religious insanity as central features, this haunting movie is nearly 3 hours long but well worth the time. Some would consider this a very kinky date movie!

Woody gets wild in Natural Born Killers

Dersu Uzala (1975)

This epic Oscar-winning movie is a good way to acquaint yourself with Akira Kurosawa, who is sometimes called the “Japanese Fellini.”  You’ll see Russia’s Siberian wilderness in a true story that focuses on an indigenous man whose land is being stolen from him by development, and is told through the eyes of a Russian explorer who met and befriended Dersu Uzala at the dawn of the 1900’s. This is a powerful environmental movie that shows how humans and nature are alike destroyed by development.

Wow, what a list of mouthwatering movies…the kind you can see several times and enjoy them more each time, just like you can read a favorite book or listen to your favorite songs over and over! Some of these movies are a bit hard to find, so be sure to contact your local DVD rental store or online DVD sources to get them ahead of time. They’re worth it. Enjoy the popcorn!

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