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More Top Ten Movies that Won Oscars...

Johnny Depp does it in black and white. Johnny Depp does it in black and white.

More Top Ten Movies that Won Oscars & You Should Have Seen Already
But Probably Haven’t Yet… But Now You Will For Sure
Because They’re Really Wickedly Amazing

Little Big Man: (1970) Narrated by a very aged man whose wild life included being a Native American fighting against the American military, and a white soldier who fought for the US Cavalry that attempted to exterminate Native Americans in the 1800’s, this is a funny, brutal, moving drama that’s also an accurate history lesson. Look for the outstanding performances by Dustin Hoffman, Faye Dunaway, and especially Richard Mulligan’s portrayal of General George Armstrong Custer.

Silkwood: (1983) This true story drama shows what happens when a citizen whistleblower takes on a corrupt energy industry corporation, in this case a nuclear materials processing company. Shades of BP and Alberta tar sands, with riveting performances by Meryl Streep and Cher, the fact that this all really happened lifts the movie even more than its great acting and images.

Taxi Driver: (1976) Where’s the young Robert De Niro when you need him? Or Jodi Foster, Harvey Keitel, or Cybil Sheperd? That’s the only bad thing about this classic Martin Scorcese film…you see these incredible actors and actresses before they got old and lost their talent. Age is not kind to Hollywood’s finest veteran performers. You also see what moviemaking was like back in the 1970’s, when directors and writers saw movies as a way of making entertainment and radical politics match up. This explosive film is famous for Jodi’s portrayal of a young hooker, and several of De Niro’s wicked sayings have gone on to be used by tough guys everywhere. A must-see classic that will never be outdated.

Dead Man: (1995) If you thought Johnny Depp only plays pirates, think again- he’s done dead serious movies including this cult classic about an injured accountant lost in the Old West, trying to come to terms with death, despair and destiny. A classic much beloved for Neil Young’s musical score, the black and white cinematography, and its metaphorical, poetic story magic.

Barton Fink: (1991) Made by the Coen Brothers (among Hollywood’s most consistently quirky and creative director-writer teams), Barton (John Turturo) is a talented writer brought to Hollywood to write meaningless scripts for trashy Hollywood movies. Gradually, his entire world melts down into a surreal hallucination, as personified by the sinister character played by John Goodman. This one will make your skin crawl.

The Candidate: (1972) An Oscar-winning film that was one of many with Robert Redford in iconoclastic, groundbreaking roles. This film correctly predicts the use of propaganda, spin, media and other tricks to mislead voters and sabotage democracy.

Bonnie and Clyde: (1967) Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway give us classic performances in this famous bio-pic of the real-life American husband and wife bank robbery/murder team known as Bonnie and Clyde. With a mostly accurate telling of the couple’s entertaining, bloody and ultimately suicidal crime spree, Bonnie and Clyde was among the first movies to make dangerous people seem romantic, attractive and even sexy.

They Live: (1988) This eerily accurate metaphorical film uses a sci-fi hook to communicate some very timely truths about society, individual freedom, and brainwashing. The Live is a funny, violent and troubling film featuring a huge performance by professional wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper as a man who suddenly acquires the ability to see through the lies of capitalism, consumerism and social control. Roddy pays dearly for his insight, but at least he does his best to free the earth.

Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance (1982) Watch this movie only when your eyes, ears and mind are in especially enhanced mode, because this visual and musical tour de force that cannot be described in words. With a shockingly appropriate score by Philip Glass and cinematography that unravels and exposes human urban life to contrast it with Nature, Koyaanisqatsi is a work of art, ecology and anthropology that will give you a totally new perspective on our modern industrial world.

The Graduate: (1967) A marvelous coming of age movie with Dustin Hoffman as a naïve young man having sex with one woman who happens to be a business acquaintance of his father, while in love with the woman’s daughter, and somehow it all plays like a comedy!

So there you have it…movies you’ve probably never heard of, but most of them won Oscars and there’s a reason for that, and even if you have seen them before they’re the kind of movies that you can see over and over again because they are rich, deep and artistic, so drop onto RosebudMag.com for more Top 10 movies from time to time, and enjoy.

De Niro in his prime, baby!

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