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Game developer, Konami, has launched a new series of retro-style games with its Rebirth line. The latest of these is Castlevania the Adventure Rebirth, a side-scrolling game straight out of the late ‘80s.
In Dragonology for the Nintendo DS, you are a dragon researcher collecting samples and evidence that will help you learn more about the nature of Dragons. The gameplay begins with you searching exotic locations to gain information about different species of dragons.
As a hydroponics urban garden professional who’s trying to cultivate your self and your life so you get maximum yield from your plants and your time on earth, you seek reliable information about hydroponics so you can make the best decisions for cultivating your plants. But with so-called journalism from…
Music-based video games like the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series have become an outrageous success. These games allow players to go through the motions of idols ranging from Metallica to the Beatles. But the relationship between popular music and gaming goes back a few decades. Here’s a quick look…
Movies on demand is a great idea that’s putting old school video rental stores out of business.Let’s face it, who wants to drive to a store to rent a Blu-Ray or other HD video product when you can sit at home and just get them sent direct to your computer…
Wii, Xbox and PlayStation and other electronic fun are exciting for us, but there are other electronic devices that tickle your brain while increasing your brain function. Think about having the ability to improve your brain, just by plugging in a handy device! Sounds like a great idea, right? Because…
Like most reality shows, LA Ink seems incredibly unreal. There’s endless backbiting, second-guessing, and suspicions among the ink-stained artists who staff the frenetic High Voltage Tattoo parlor in Los Angeles.  It makes you wonder: Who are these people? And how do they stay sane?
Spring is in the air and college students and voyeurs are looking for those sweet spring break girls gone wild sex and alcohol moments, although Mexico isn’t such a popular destination these days because of ongoing violence that’s affecting Mexicans and visitors. Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Jamaica are officially in.…
You’ve seen them in movies, television shows, on the side of the road, even in soap operas and Super Bowl commercials. They work for us, feed us, entertain us, and die for us. And they do it all for free. They have no unions, no minimum wage requirements, virtually no…
Forget Sarah Palin, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Oprah. Looks to me and a lot of other people like the most influential woman in America is a Greek-American lady named Arianna Huffington. Her website- Huffington Post- gets millions of unique views per month.

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