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Packers Win Super Bowl XLV, Rodgers MVP

Aaron Rodgers earned the MVP award at Super Bowl XLV, and stepped out of Brett Favre's shadow once and for all. Aaron Rodgers earned the MVP award at Super Bowl XLV, and stepped out of Brett Favre's shadow once and for all.

The Green Bay Packers, winners of the first Super Bowl, got out to an early lead in Super Bowl XLV, and, although the Pittsburgh Steelers closed the gap, the Packers never relinquished their lead and won the game 31-25. Aaron Rodgers stepped up in a big way, earning MVP honors, while Green Bay’s defensive leader, Clay Matthews, showed his stuff on the big stage as well. For Ben Roethlisberger, Rashard Mendenhall, and Troy Polamalu, it was a day of huge disappointment, as the Steelers completely blew a final drive that could have won them the game.

With two minutes and one timeout left, the Steelers stared at a long field. They’ve been in the same situation before, but instead of getting to the endzone and completing what would have been a historic comeback, Pittsburgh became discombobulated and squandered their shot at glory. They botched their last hope as badly as Christina Aguilera botched the national anthem to kick off the big game.

And that left all the glory for Rodgers and his teammates. Rodgers completed 24 of 39 passes for 304 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions. He put the team on his shoulders, as the Packers ran the ball just 13 times. He made big plays and protected the ball, something the Steelers couldn’t do. Pittsburgh turned the ball over three times.

For Rodgers, the MVP and the NFL championship ring mean he has finally fulfilled his potential. Considered one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league, some pundits were skeptical of his ability to put it all together at crunch time. He proved those skeptics wrong on Sunday.

Now Rodgers can sit at the table with the other great quarterbacks, like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, whose names get tossed around as the best out there. And even bigger, he steps out of the shadow of Green Bay’s legendary quarterback Brett Favre, to whom Rodgers once played back up.

The Packers' Jordy Nelson helped Rodgers out by leading all receivers with nine catches for 140 yards and the touchdown that opened the scoring in the first quarter. Green Bay safety Nick Collins also made the best of his day in the sun by returning an interception for a touchdown just seconds after Nelson’s score.

That early momentum served the Packers well, and gave them a cushion when the Steelers started to threaten. Green Bay led 21-3 heading into halftime, but by the end of the third quarter, the Steelers were within four points.

Super Bowl XLV will go down in history as the day MVP Aaron Rodgers proved his mettle. The Green Bay Packers take the Lombardi trophy back home, while the Pittsburgh Steelers wish they could have that last two minutes back. Ben Roethlisberger misses out on his third NFL championship ring, and Troy Polamalu loses the battle of the hair to Clay Matthews. Meanwhile, Monday will find football fans nursing the hangover from the biggest day of the sports year and counting the days until the 2011 season begins.

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The Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV
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