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Did You See…? Celebs in the 2011 Superbowl Commercials

Kim Kardashian appeared in Super Bowl ad Kim Kardashian appeared in Super Bowl ad

Every year, major companies vie for the expensive airtime that surrounds the biggest football game of the season - and they shell out big bucks for well known faces to tout their products at halftime.

The Superbowl commercials are watched by millions - sports fans as well as those who took a break from hydroponics just to tune in for the halftime show. Which actors and actresses got their moment in the spotlight as part of many companies’ most expensive ad campaign of the year?


Snickers - Roseanne

This commercial was one of the best, since it showed Roseanne getting knocked on her ass as part of a logging team. That was worth every cent the candy company paid - heck, if I’d known about the commercial earlier, I would have made a donation to ensure it was seen by as many people as possible.

Best Buy - Ozzy Osbourne/Justin Bieber

In a highly disturbing commercial, the Prince of F**king Darkness got pwned by an emo punk who has yet to grow chest hair. That was just… wrong. I’m seriously considering boycotting Best Buy - their “buy-back” program be d**ned.

Groupon - Cuba Gooding Jr and Timothy Hutton

Groupon was perhaps the worst stinker of the Superbowl, making light of poverty in Tibet and the near extinction of whales with lighthearted “At least we saved money on Groupon!” quotes that had viewers seething.

Skechers - Kim Kardashian

Sweaty, sleek sexy Kim breaks up with her personal trainer in favor of Skechers ShapeUps - the shoe designed for a walking workout. Not that Kim really needs any more body sculpting - she is hot as the dickens in her little workout outfit. Nice touch, her hitting on the geek in the gym later just because he is also wearing Shape-Ups; made the commercial relevant for both gender demographics.

Chrysler - Eminem

Eminem brought a great performance to his home town of Detroit in the two minute Chrysler spot (obtained through special permission - most Superbowl spots are restricted to 90 seconds). Apparently the auto company did well from the ad - by midnight the number of people calling for a Chrysler quote had hit nearly 900.

Salesforce.com - Will.i.am

An animated version of the Black Eyed Peas singer developed the commercial for Salesforce’s Chatter, but it fell flat with viewers. Even the Peas’ halftime show failed to delight, with guest star Usher unable to redeem a lackluster performance.

GoDaddy - Joan Rivers

Move over, Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels - there’s a new GoDaddy Girl in town. She’s Botoxed, lifted and tucked, and she’s sexy! (Or is she - Babble reports that it wasn’t Joan’s body at all, but a double - Tabitha Taylor - wearing Joan’s head.)

Volkswagen - Darth Vader

Yes. We know the Lord of the Death Star isn’t REAL. The kid wearing the costume has absolute faith, however, and runs around trying to use the force on various household objects - and stops, stunned, when he manages to remotely start Daddy’s car. (I’m pretty sure the kid’s name was Anakin.)

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Kim Kardashian continues to make a living off of her body.
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