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Top 10 Death Scenes from recent movies and TV

Kiefer Sutherland kills plenty in 24 Kiefer Sutherland kills plenty in 24

Admit it. You love the carnage. The gore. The screaming. So without further ado - here’s the top ten BEST kill scenes of 2010...


10. Four Lions. This movie was surprisingly popular, and you have to admit a Jihad terrorist who accidentally blows himself up in a field full of cows is pretty gruesome. Ranked one of the top 10 films of the year by TIME, this movie is a satirical look at what makes Jihadists go tick… tick… boom.

9. The Expendables. The 18 and older uncut version adds to a wicked knifing to the back of the neck by showing the twisted knife shot - which had to be scrapped for the milder certified rating. Victim: an unnamed guard - but still a great kill scene despite it not being a major character.

8. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Car go boom. What better way to take out serial killer Martin Vanger than by having his car go deliciously up in flames after he crashes it? Just one of many good kill scenes, but we so needed an exploding car to make the list!

7. The American. This one gets a spot because the kill scene happens just three minutes in - Clooney leaves no witnesses, and that includes his Scandinavian hottie girlfriend, who gets dispatched with bullet to the back (but not before getting some sweet loving in the log cabin).

6. Grey’s Anatomy. All the annoying new doctors we didn’t really give a hang about got killed. Whew. The little dark-haired spunky one was getting on my nerves.

5. LOST. OK, so the final episode was sappy and left way too many strings untied - but how about that submarine explosion? We always knew Sayiid would go out in a blaze of glory.

4. Breaking Bad. We should be used to characters offing each other in Breaking Bad by now… but a wounded Hank managing to take out both machete cousins before passing out in a pool of his own blood in the parking lot was brilliant.

3. Walking Dead. The zombie apocalypse miniseries has almost too many gruesome deaths to choose just one. Definitely Jack’s first kill (the creepy little girl zombie with the teddy bear) makes the list, but so should Andrea sitting and waiting for her dead sister Amy to come back as a zombie so she can say goodbye before putting a bullet in her head.

2. 24. Jack Bauer keeps crossing the line in the name of the greater good - but he lost his cool a little this year, going so far as to putting a couple of extra bullets in Dana after executing her. Even for 24, that’s harsh!! That scene is a tie with his girlfriend getting finished off by a sniper. (At least he got to sleep with her first.)

1. Boardwalk Empire. Gangsterland rules when it comes to death scenes, and the best of 2010 appeared when a suspicious Van Alden accompanied Agent Sesbo to a church service, then convinced him to get baptized in the nearby river. Little did Sesbo know he would be swimming with the fishes. Best drowning scene ever.

Oh, and honorable mention goes to the death of Talbot on True Blood - and the carnage that ensues as his erstwhile boyfriend, the vampire king of Louisiana, goes on a grief crazed rampage, upping the body count. (Vampire kill scenes are always so… enjoyably messy, doncha think?)

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George Clooney kills the one he loves in The American
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