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TRON:Legacy - Worth The Price of Admission?

TRON:Legacy--Can you lose the whiskers, dad? TRON:Legacy--Can you lose the whiskers, dad?

The weekend before Christmas, moviegoers flocked to the box office as the sci-fi action sequel TRON:Legacy opened. The show was one of five films opening that weekend, and the competition didn’t stand a chance (Yogi Bear was a pathetically trailing second choice).TRON grossed more than the next three films combined, raking in an estimated $43.6M. The film was rated PG, making it a top pick for families with older out-of-school kids as well as adults and teens, and played in 3,451 theaters including 3D and IMAX screens.


What is TRON?

A sequel to the 1982 original film and arcade game TRON which became a cult classic with sci-fi and video game fans, Legacy heralded the return of Jeff Bridges (de-aged digitally for his return to the franchise). The movie was designed to draw in a larger audience with dazzling visuals to make up for the fact that the original was never a mainstream hit and the target audience in 1982 were males in their late teens and twenties - and that the original TRON premiered the same summer as E.T.

Disney went all out for promotion, with a hefty production budget of at least $150M and a pricey marketing push focused on getting a solid debut before the holidays. The film’s CinemaScore was B+ and early reviews were mixed - but that didn’t stop people from packing theaters to see the film.


The movie begins (as so many good movies do) with a flashback. In 1989, Kevin Flynn (played by the original Jeff Bridges) is working on a new project that will revolutionize computers and their use. He leaves his young son Sam alone one night to go to his office, but never returns.

Present day: Sam (Garrett Hedlund), now grown, holds the largest shares of stock in his father’s company, but could care less about it. It falls to Flynn’s friend Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner reprises his role as well) to maintain the company the way both he and Flynn wanted.

Bradley gets Flynn’s old arcade telephone number (disconnected for two decades) on his pager.  Sam heads to the arcade, and finds a hidden room with a computer. Of course, he can’t resist - and is playing when he is transported into/onto the grid, become a ’user’, is stripped down, fitted with a skintight suit and locked into a deadly gladiator game.

Sam survives, and then comes face to face with what appears to be his youthful father (Bridges, digitally ‘de-aged’) who calls himself Clu and desperately  wants out of the grid. However, to accomplish this, the two need the older Flynn who lives outside of Clu’s reach. Sam finds him, and battles to get the two of them back to the real world without releasing the dangerous Clu who had trapped Flynn there for the past 20 years.

Bridges, Boxleitner, and Hedlund had fun making the movie, you can tell - and an exuberant Michael Sheen tricked out David Bowie style rocks the character of Zuse, a nightclub owner. Special bonus in the form of a stunning Olivia Wilde just to add some eye candy and sexual tension.

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Can Jeff Bridges lose 20-years of aging overnight? See for yourself!
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