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Numbers of the Future: Tomorrow’s Tally Today

NASA has developed 100 vegan recipes for their long-term space missions. NASA has developed 100 vegan recipes for their long-term space missions.


Check out these numbers related to topics that interest hydroponics enthusiasts. We collected some interesting facts for our readers. Check ‘em out.

1.2 The acres of farmland needed to feed one person for one year, according to current American Dietary Standards (likely based on current agricultural standards, which aren’t all that sustainable from the looks of things).

11% The expected percentage of under-nourished people in developing countries by 2015 (down from the present rate of 17%).

54.5 The fuel economy standard in miles per gallon (MPG) currently set to go into place in the U.S. by 2025.

100 The number of vegan recipes developed by NASA’s Advanced Food Technology Project to be used for feeding the proposed 2030 manned Mars mission.

1200 The percentage yield increase in controlled conditions of hydroponically grown rice versus conventional methods.

1972 The year space-based hydroponics first appeared in a science fiction novel, John Brunner’s The Sheep Looked Up.

2040 The year scientists estimate the Arctic might have its first ice-free summer.

110,000 The predicted increase in U.S. solar industry jobs by 2016.

9,250,000,000 The projected number of people that may inhabit planet earth by 2050. That’s double the population since 1975. Last we checked, the earth’s resources haven’t doubled since then.

150,000,000,000 The predicted bioenergy market, in USD, by 2050.

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Patrick Stewart knows a thing or two about numbers.
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