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  C’mon down and join us here in Hydro Lingo Bingo — the game where you get to show your level of hip-talk in hydroponics.
  When I arrive at Shelburne Orchards, just south of Burlington, Vermont, to pick apples and find a date, the October sky opens into an icy, torrential downpour.
  As always, the latest issue of Rosebud Magazine (featuring hydro hottie Deonna Marie on the cover) showcases some of the best new video games out there. We know a ton of growers who like to relax at the end of the day with some good old fashioned escapism, and…
  Most of us have only seen cheetahs, lions and tigers on Animal Planet, at zoos, in Vegas extravaganzas, or in circuses. Pretty soon those might be the only places anyone can see them: the majority of large predatory non-human mammals are heading towards anthropogenic extinction.
  Have you ever daydreamed about the girl who has it all? Imagine a woman with the brains to run her own business, the confidence of a bikini model, the nurturing kindness of a mother and bombshell sex appeal through the roof. Oh yeah, and now make her an expert…
  Everything is going green — your supermarket, your favorite restaurant, your job, your cars, your clothes — and the world of viticulture hasn’t been immune to the trend. Unfortunately, many early attempts by winemakers to jump on the green bandwagon resulted in low-quality wines, causing discerning drinkers to attach…
  For nearly 100 years, the football field has been a proving ground where boys become men, men become champions, and those champions, invariably, go to Disneyland. In that time, divisions have undergone facelifts, rules have been adjusted, and equipment has been infused with technological upgrades that would make Walter…
  Check out some hot entertainment recommendations from the most recent issue of Rosebud Magazine. We've got music, movies, and more stuff we dig, and we think you might just like it, too. From punk to rap, from comedy to action - we've got you covered. Check it out.
  THINK YOU’VE LEARNED ALL YOU CAN about hydroponic growing from the latest issue of Rosebud Magazine? Take this quick quiz to find out what you’ve learned (and what you might have missed).
  Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis are undoubtedly two of the funniest men in Hollywood, and the pair have joined forces for the end-of-summer big screen comedy, The Campaign. The latest issue of Rosebud Magazine ( with our very own Deonna Marie at her sexy best on the cover) recommends…

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