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Spring Break in Amsterdam: Ultimate Hydroponics Gardener’s Holland Vacation Grow Guide

Tulips and windmills: Amsterdam and beyond Tulips and windmills: Amsterdam and beyond

For many hydroponics gardeners, Holland is the sweet land of high intensity lights, Grodan rockwool, and other hydroponics delights. Holland’s reputation as a hydroponics haven is based on the fact that this small country produces a large percentage of Europe’s fresh produce in hydroponics greenhouses that are so numerous you can see the orange glow of HPS lamps when you fly in to Amsterdam at night. You know you want spring break in Amsterdam, so RosebudMag.com is gifting you the insider tips on your ultimate hydroponics gardener’s vacation right now…

When you visit Holland as a hydroponics gardener, you are entering one of the birthplaces of hydroponics, as well as a place that has a long history of putting an extremely high value on flowers. In the 1600’s, the Dutch went wild for tulips. Wars were fought over tulips. Dutch tulip breeders professionalized the specialty breeding of flowers, which you today carry on as a hydroponics gardener.

Dutch beaches have European morality, which means partial or full nudity is allowed for anyone of any age, including beautiful young nubiles!
Today you visit the area around the beautiful Dutch heritage town of Haarlem (20 minutes by train from Amsterdam), and see vast color-rich acreages devoted to tapestries of tulips cultivated there for 400 years.

The tulip fun is available only from March through May every year, perfect timing for your spring break in Holland. Go to the Keukenhof Gardens, home to 7 million tulips that look like a famous artist with neon crayons drew every color in the universe onto the flowing fields.

Haarlem is a wonderful destination even when tulips aren’t blooming. Using Haarlem as a base (my favorite lodging in Haarlem is Joops Hotel), you bicycle west through protected and beautiful wildlands towards the North Sea coast.

Holland is a bike-friendly country. There are many miles of bicycle trails, both paved and unpaved. Bicyclists have ironclad legal protection that forces drivers to give them wide berth.

If the sun is shining, visit the beaches near the resort town of Zandvoort. If you don’t want to see naked people, watch out: Dutch beaches have European morality, which means partial or full nudity is allowed for anyone of any age, including beautiful young nubiles!

The beaches are fronted with dance clubs and cabanas featuring the best European trance and house DJs. Booming sound systems are right next to the sea, so you can dance in the waves. Zandvoort boasts a grand prix racetrack, several gourmet restaurants, and a fantastic coffeeshop called Yanks.

When you’re back in Haarlem, check out the Willie Wortels shops, the Spaarne River and windmill, and the Teylers Museum. Haarlem has several city parks that look like movies could be filmed in them, that’s how lush and beautiful they are. And the center of town is an open square that is often the site of organic farm markets, cheese markets, and free concerts.

The square is dominated by the massive St. Bavo’s Church, which dates back to the early 1700’s. Inside the church is a pipe organ that’s ten stories high, built in 1735. It has 5068 pipes; Mozart played this organ when he was ten years old!

Haarlem is a sweet town with much to offer, but when you want Amsterdam, it’s only 20 minutes away by train. There are several must-see places in Amsterdam, beginning with the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum and the Red Light district. So much eye candy, so little time.

But for you as a gardener, the real treat is the Hortus Botanicus, one of the world’s oldest and finest horticultural gardens. It was first planted in 1638 because doctors wanted to grow medicinal plants! Collectors, scientists and physicians brought in medicinal herbs and other plants from all across the world, and some of their plantings can still be seen today, including a cactus that’s 20 centuries old and a 300-year-old cycad (a type of tree that dates back to the time of the dinosaurs). At the Hortus, you get to see Controlled Environment Agriculture at its finest. This is hydroponics heaven.

Amsterdam and Holland help you enjoy the finer things in life.
With a walking path that includes 150-year-old trees, and air scented with pure oxygen and perfumes created by more than 6000 species of plants and trees, Hortus Botanicus is a necessary destination for anyone who’s into gardening.

For more scenery, check out the Vondelpark. On a sunny spring break day in Amsterdam, this center of Amsterdam park is a hippie festival, packed with people skating, sunbathing, picnicking, bike riding, playing Frisbee and cuddling.

For a walk on the wild side, check out the Red Light, where women stand in windows advertising sex for sale. The Red Light is a strange and sleazy place: a tourist attraction where men pay about eighty Euros to have sex with strangers in tiny rooms.

Most of the girls are illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe and Africa. The Dutch government allegedly regulates the sex trade and inspects the girls for diseases, but you couldn’t pay me to have sex with any of them. And watch out for the pimps and thieves hanging around to harass you and rip you off.

So what happens when you’re ready for Amsterdam nightlife? Check out the following hot clubs: Melkweg, Bitterzoet, Escape, Jimmy Woo, Odeon, Panama, Ministry, Paradiso and De Club, Dampkring and Greenhouse.

What you’ll find at these clubs, as with the beaches, parks, bicycle trails, canals and other facets of Holland, is that Amsterdam and Holland help you enjoy the finer things in life. Spring break in Amsterdam- a hydroponics gardener’s ultimate vacation. And next winter, check out Cuisinart Resort, the world’s only hydroponics resort. We’ve got you covered for Spring Break and other vacations for sure!

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