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Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Travel

  • Written by  Athanikar
The best reason to travel is not to discover new places; it is to discover what you would become after being affected by your destination The best reason to travel is not to discover new places; it is to discover what you would become after being affected by your destination

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
- Mark Twain

Men have various reasons for travel - adventure, pleasure, or even pure business. Whatever the reason, travelling is a great experience in a man’s life. It’s a big world out there waiting to be explored - reason enough for a man to get out of his daily grind. Travel is an exciting challenge for the explorer in you to overcome the unknown.

Just creating a travel plan pushes you out of your daily drudgery and makes you take charge of a gamut of things that need to be in place before you hit the road for adventures unknown.

From simply meeting new people and exploring new cultures to discovering new lands and exotic adventures, there are plenty of reasons why you must travel.

If you haven’t yet discovered your clarion call for travel, read on!

10:Improve your social network

SocializeSocializePeople you meet during your travel - at your hotel, fellow travellers, the locals - are new acquaintances, new human contacts. It’s an excellent opportunity to make your connections in a sea of unknown humanity. Increasing and enriching your social network is one of the best benefits of travel. It can put you in touch with people you might never meet in your daily life and gift you some breathtaking stories and interesting perspectives. Sometimes it’s the people you meet– as much as the places you visit – that make your travel a truly memorable experience.



No.9 – Satisfy your taste buds

Satisfy your taste budsSatisfy your taste budsTravel gets you digging the local cuisine at least thrice a day. Along with savoring exotic flavors and local produce at its freshest, you’ll encounter many customs and traditions associated with eating and drinking in a culture different from your own.

Great drinks and delicious new flavors are a yummy advantage of travelling. Of course you may have tasted ‘exotic’ food in your hometown, but travel to the actual place to taste authentic flavors and not some localized version. If you are a fan of sushi, you’ll be surprised just how flavorful it can be right in the heart of Japan. Take our word for it!


No.8 – Think on the spot

Think on the spotThink on the spotNot everything will follow your travel plan to the letter. Some things are just bound to vary. You may lose your wallet or it may start raining when you had outdoor activities planned. At some point you'll have to think on your feet.

Look at the upside – if you lose your wallet, it’s a perfect excuse to get a lift from a hot chick! You’ve got yourself a free ride and if you play it right, a potential date. Traveling challenges you to get the creative juices flowing and adapt to exigencies. Not convinced? Your experience answering nature’s call amidst the sand dunes of India’s deserts will reinforce the message!



No.7 - To buy some much admired gear

Sweet-ass gearSweet-ass gearOk guys! Admit it. You love shopping - though not exactly for clothes and creams. Travel gives you the perfect excuse to indulge in your wish list – buy some enviable sweet-ass gear that you’ve always wanted – the perfect tent, strong baggage, GPS device, camcorder etc. that are absolute must haves on a trip.

Just make sure you don’t fall prey to pointless travel equipment cheerfully promoted by companies. Like a weather forecasting umbrella that tells you the weather forecast with some jazzy lights and buttons. You better just look out of the window before leaving your accommodation.



No.6 - To get an achievement high

Achievement highAchievement highIt may not seem like it, but planning a vacation is really a big deal. C’mon guys, it’s a big undertaking to figure out your travel plans. If you want to visit some exotic locale, a distant country perhaps, accomplishing that dream will need a lot of efficient planning and superb execution. You’ll be displaying some serious financial discipline and management skills when planning for the roundabout trip to your dreamland. Pulling off a trip to a dream destination is a complicated goal and a big responsibility. And do we really need to say that dependable, responsible guys are babe magnets?



No.5 - To make yourself more interesting

Share travel storiesShare travel storiesAfter experiencing your travel adventures, you’ll have zillions of exciting stories to share with dudes and dudettes back at home. You can of course tell them interesting anecdotes from your routine life, but that’s just what it is – routine. And routine is bound to get boring. Just start a story with an amazing foreign adventure and watch the hot chicks lend you an eager ear. Be careful that you don’t come across a braggart forcing his travel stories onto others. You’ll end up with a pie in your face. Strike the right balance and watch the magic unfold. Travel polishes your overall personality making you more cultured, tolerant and adaptable – in short, more interesting than many other frogs in the well.



No.4 - To challenge yourself

Challenge yourselfChallenge yourselfAlright guys, I know you’ll hate to admit it, but travel can be a daunting proposition. You are stepping into unknown territory with a lot of questions unanswered. No amount of reading or experience gathering can solve all your queries till you actually take the bull by its horns. A few trips overseas will get you addicted to adventure. From your accommodation, to figuring out basics of a foreign language you don’t speak or plain fear of flying- it’s going to be a helluva challenge. I am sure you are game for it!




3. Participate in extreme sports

Extreme sportsExtreme sportsHow about making a best buddy for life after both your lives have been put together in danger? When you pull off a brave attempt at paragliding in the Himalayas, white water rafting on the Zambezi river, scaling Everest or some other life-threatening adventure with fellow enthusiasts in a foreign land, you’ll rarely leave without finding a few great buddies. There will be great conversation after having shared adrenaline pumping adventurous moments together. You may end up talking the whole night and make friends for a lifetime!




2. Enjoy life to the fullest

White water raftingWhite water raftingTravel is a great escape from boredom and worries and lets you live life to the fullest. How about deep diving into the blue waters of Jamaica when your hometown is buried under a snow blanket? Enjoying attractions impossible in your own country gives an amazing high.  You can create memories for a lifetime watching bull fights in Spain, tracking gray whales in Mexico or rafting in the Balkans; there’s adventure awaiting you in every corner of the world. Just get your ass off the couch and go for it!




1. Meet some sizzling beauties

Hot girl sun bathingHot girl sun bathingOkay, we know Monaco is a beautiful picturesque destination. But hey, take a look at the hot bombshell basking in the golden sun right next to you. You’d love to have her by your side giving you an amazing backrub, wouldn't you?

Half of the population that you’ll meet on your travels will be female. Great odds of meeting interesting women when you don’t have other distracting worries on your mind! And hey, if you commit a faux pas, you won’t be reminded of it every time you set out in your neighbourhood. You’ll enjoy the luxury of being carefree in your social scene as well. Just keep an open mind and enjoy the trip!

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