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For Whom The Clock Ticks

Small, common details of our lives, like a ladybug on a flower, can be beautiful if we are fully present. Small, common details of our lives, like a ladybug on a flower, can be beautiful if we are fully present.

An incredible feeling of wellbeing washed over me as I basked in the sun with my back against the bulkhead, the warmth hitting my face on that exquisite fall day. We broke out into the open waters and steamed towards home, Vancouver, and the sea breeze rushing up the Sound gently blew my hair and made me feel so fantastic. I sighed in great repose, for not only did this beautiful Sept 23rd herald the change of seasons, but so did it mark an incredible change in my outlook on life.

I was returning to Vancouver from a trip to my cardiologist, where I had just learned that my therapy was working, that my heart was out of the danger zone and on the mend. Only three months prior, he had told me I was on the threshold of congestive heart failure and would be dead within nine months if evasive action was not taken for my Persistent Atrial Fibrilation. I was barely middle age. Those days were a time of deep soul searching for me -- a journey of self-discovery as I examined my life and what it all meant, and what the future might have in store for me.

Now, it was as though the bruised and sullen storm clouds that had loomed so dark and foreboding on the horizon of my beautifully charmed life had suddenly parted and golden rays of optimism had punched through once again. Life was beautiful, tenuous and precious, and there was no one more keenly aware of that than I at that single moment in time.

Grinning broadly there in my bliss, the sounds around me suddenly went silent -- as though I had gone deaf -- and my powers of observation were acutely heightened. I was having an epiphany as I watched the people milling about on the deck. I found myself observing the human condition in that vacuum of silence against the backdrop of nature‘s splendid display: the grossly overweight people in search of a perch; the smokers puffing away not caring about the implications to their health; the youths with their headphones on, tapping their electronic devices, oblivious to their surroundings. Everyone was so preoccupied with their lives, disinterested in the splendour of this day unfolding in front of them, and yet I was in total rapture at being given a second chance to experience many more of these moments.

But why must we face great crisis in our lives before we realize how lucky and blessed we are?

But then there was this one child of about two in this gorgeous hand-knit sweater, looking out onto the horizon and smiling in glee, pointing at nothing in particular to anyone who would look, the magic and wonderment of the world enveloping him as the wind blew freely through his silky blond hair, his wide-eyed gaze seeming to pronounce his good fortune at being a part of it all. In his complete innocence, in his youthful vigor, he was the only one who got it, the only one fully present, untarnished by the cultural malaise that harbors unfulfilled dreams, self-loathing, disenchantment with life, and the loss of innocence -- all things that dull our perception of the natural world.

But why must we face great crisis in our lives before we realize how lucky and blessed we are, to be fully present in our lives each day, to engage the world in the heightened way in which we were equipped at birth? Why can we not see and experience life through the eyes of a child?

The answer is, we can.

Celebrate your life by cherishing your health and taking measures to protect it through fitness -- there is no alternative to living a fulfilling life. Eat well to maintain a healthy body, and give yourself permission to love yourself by taking these measures. Don’t let the ways of the world break you down, for that which does not destroy you makes you stronger; health and fitness inoculate you against negative perceptions. Fight cynicism and see the good in all things by taking life on each day with zest and zeal and positive energy; it is a conscious choice we must make each day and is great for the immune system. Feed your soul by helping others and caring about the world.

I have been on both sides of the fence, my good friends, and without being too mushy, I can tell you your life is a miracle, and only a fool would waste it away.

Be healthy and take care!

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Life is short. Wake up and live!
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