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Cultivate You: The Hydroponics of Health Care & Doctors, Part 1

Who is the best doctor for your pain? Who is the best doctor for your pain?

One of the most interesting questions I’m asked is what does Rosebud Magazine’s “Cultivate You” motto mean. Simply put, it embraces a hydroponics approach to growing yourself as a spiritual, intellectual and physical person…

Call doctor’s offices and “interview” the doctor’s medical staff to find out how caring, timely and professional the doctor and his staff are. You can tell a lot about a doctor by the first impression you get when you call his or her office.

You provide food, water, climate and care to your hydroponics plants. You also do so for yourself. And in the hydroponics of cultivating yourself, you sometimes need to consult experts who help you figure out how to reduce pain and increase your health.

These experts are often doctors, and you’ve probably noticed that having an efficient, productive relationship with doctors can be a challenge. I used to live in Canada, and Canada’s health care system is quite different from what I have as an American now living back in the States. But the information I’m going to give you today will help you work with doctors better, no matter where you live…

The first thing to know about your doctor-patient relationship is that the most effective doctor in your life is you. No external person can read your physical and emotional systems the way you do. And nobody has as much control over how you live as you do.

Except in cases of severe trauma requiring surgery or similarly acute intervention, no external person can “fix” you. For the kinds of health problems that most of us experience, the real doctor is you. The guy or gal with the medical degree can be viewed as your employee, your consultant, your advisor. The ideal doctor-patient relationship is a partnership - not a situation in which the doctors tells you what to do and you mutely comply.

For example, if you have “back problems,” instead of first turning to a doctor, do extensive research. It’s not hard to discover on your own, without going to medical school, all about the mechanics of your spine and the musculoskeletal system that affects it. And it’s fascinating.

Many of us have back pain. Hydroponics gardening involves lifting, bending and other activities that may hurt the spine. Your medical research will enlighten you about interventions - proper lifting procedures, losing weight, using an inversion table, doing yoga, swimming, etc. - that may lengthen your spine, relax tense muscles, and relieve pain.

Before you go to a doctor about your back pain, research local doctors who specialize in back pain. There are plenty of doctor review sites on the web. Contact the state medical board to see if the doctor has a good or bad record. And talk to people you trust, especially if they too have had back problems, and ask them if they know of a good spinal doctor.

Call doctor’s offices and “interview” the doctor’s medical staff to find out how caring, timely and professional the doctor and his staff are. You can tell a lot about a doctor by the first impression you get when you call his or her office.

These are some of the first steps to getting good care from medical professionals. In part two, I’ll tell you about how to prepare for your actual visit to the doctor. Remember, as a hydroponics grower, sometimes it’s helpful to get expert advise on how to cultivate the biggest, best crop you can. Similarly, you sometimes need health and medical experts to help cultivate the best, healthiest “you.”

Read Part 2 of The Hydroponics of Health Care & Doctors here.

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Holistic doctor discusses stress, back pain, & health
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