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Lose That Gut!

Simple lifestyle changes can help you lose that gut. Simple lifestyle changes can help you lose that gut.

A war exists inside the mind of every man.  On the one side, he wants the ripped 6-pack abs he sees guys showing off on the cover of magazines.  (Think Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.)  Competing against his desire for a lean physique is the desire for food and a fundamental lack of interest in exercise.  So what’s a guy to do?  Simple lifestyle changes and weight loss tips can help you lose that gut and get in shape.

First of all, it’s important to prepare yourself mentally for losing weight.  Jumping into a diet or exercise program without any forethought is only going to lead to frustration.  You need to really think about the changes you’re going to be making and be determined to stick to your decisions.  Since most men resist change, proper mental preparation is key to losing weight successfully.

Set realistic goals when you begin a weight loss program.  Those six-pack abs might be your ideal body image, but don’t get ahead of yourself.  Start with small goals you can easily reach, like two pounds per week.  Write down your current weight and your goal weight and keep good records of your progress.  Setting a date and marking it on your calendar is a good way to stay focused on your ultimate goal.

Now that you have your goals and are mentally prepared for weight loss, where do you begin?  The best way to lose weight is to develop a healthy lifestyle.  Think about your current eating habits.  Are you a fast-food junkie?  Do you guzzle beer by the case on a regular basis?  Could your portion sizes feed an entire family?  Now consider your lifestyle habits in general.  Do you always take the elevator instead of climbing stairs?  Will you drive around a parking lot for ten minutes to get a space closer to the entrance of the store?  Is your idea of exercise taking the trash out once a week?

Hopefully most of you enlightened men realize that if you answered yes to the above questions, you need a lifestyle change.  It’s easy to start making changes – simply adjust your habits so that the answers to those questions are no.  Skip the fast-food, cut back on the amount of alcohol you consume, and reduce your portion sizes.  Ideally you will want to reduce your caloric intake by 500 to 1,000 calories a day to jumpstart your weight loss.  If you have a choice, take the stairs.  Park as far away from the store as possible to burn a few extra calories while you run errands.  These adjustments are a great start, but hardly enough if you have a significant amount of weight to lose.

You may dread it, but exercise is essential if you want to lose weight.  Walking, running, biking, and swimming are all excellent cardio exercises.  Try to fit in thirty minutes four days a week.  Strength-training through weight-lifting is a fantastic way to boost your metabolism so you burn more calories even when you’re at rest.  Develop an abdominal workout and incorporate it into your routine several times a week.  Crunches are good, but core strengthening with a fitness ball may be better for those with back problems.

If you want to lose that gut that’s been slowly making itself more noticeable, prioritize your exercise routine so that it remains a constant part of your life.  Adapt as many healthy lifestyle changes as possible, and don’t let setbacks discourage you from trying again.  If you develop healthy eating habits, exercise regularly, and adjust your lifestyle to become more active, you will lose weight successfully.

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Strengthen your core to lose that gut
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