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Most Unusual High Dollar Memorabilia

Lennon-Ono Double Fantasy--a very pricey album Lennon-Ono Double Fantasy--a very pricey album

We all know rare stamps, baseball cards and Barbie dolls can go for outrageous sums - but what are the more unusual items in the world of collectibles? Now you can find out what to look for at garage sales!

Some items become famous because of who they belonged to; others because of their rarity. Some items meet both criteria. Here’s some of the more unusual items that are now high dollar collectibles.


Double Fantasy

John Lennon’s last album (released during his lifetime) was a collaboration with Yoko Ono, and was the last album the artist signed before he was killed by Mark Chapman. In 2003, the copy autographed by Lennon for his killer sold for $525,000; meaning it is the most valuable record in existence.

Shakespeare’s John Henry

Only six authenticated signatures by William Shakespeare still exist, and all are currently held by museums. If one appeared on the open market today, bidding would easily start at $3 million.

Quality Never Goes Out of Style!

The most expensive pair of jeans in the world is 115 year old pair of original Levi Strauss & Co 501 jeans, sold in Japan for 60,000. Now, that’s commitment!

Happy Birthday, Mr. President…

Three X-rays of Marilyn Monroe’s chest (taken from a hospital visit in 1954, when Monroe was 28) sold for a grand total of $45,000 at a movie memorabilia auction in Las Vegas. Funny fact? The X-rays were expected to bring in no more than $3,000!

Luke, I Have Your Father’s Head

The Darth Vader helmet worn by Olympic fencer Bob Anderson in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back went at auction in 2003 for $115,000.

Jenny, I Got Your Number

Tommy Tutone's 1982 hit made the telephone number 867-5309 famous. Jersey DJ Spencer Potter recently sold his DJ business holding the number (with a popular New Jersey exchange) on eBay for a reported $186,853.09. Potter claims he used to receive almost 10,000 calls each year, from curious "80s fanatics" asking to speak with 'Jenny'.

Gretzky T206 Honus Wagner

This baseball card that passed through the hands of Wayne Gretzky became famous for doubling and quadrupling in price as it changed in hands in various controversial transactions.

M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E!

An oval Mickey Mouse lunch pail from the 1930s is estimated to go for around $7,000 if it ever turns up on the auction block. (The holy grail, an authentic Superman lunch box from 1954, sold for $19,435 in 2008! Only 6 or 7 of those still exist.)

Your Putter, M’Lord

A long-nose putter marked "A.D." is believed to have been made by Andrew Dickson, the oldest known clubmaker to mark the clubs he made. It fetched $181,000 in a Sotheby's auction in New York in 2007. According to Sotheby's, Dickson is said to have served as a caddy to the Duke of York as a young boy.

Bill Veeck’s Leg

The controversial baseball manager (famous for sending 3 foot 7 inch Eddie Gaedel in to pinch-hit) gave one of his many wooden legs to a friend - it was later auctioned for $10,000.

Jimi Hendrix' Penis

A plaster cast of the legendary guitarist's erect penis taken by legendary groupie Cynthia Plaster Caster on February 25th, 1968 can be had from her website for a mere $2,000. His pubic hair got caught in the plaster because she didn't lube the shaft well enough, so she spent fifteen minutes taking the hairs out one by one, which caused him to be late for his concert that night. He was reportedly seen scratching his crotch a lot during the concert! :-)

See it for yourself at www.cynthiapcaster.org/casts/hendrix-page

Reality is definitely stranger than fiction!

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