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Hot Celebrities Who Are Mad Sports Fans

Eva Longoria has eclectic tastes in sports Eva Longoria has eclectic tastes in sports

These chicks don‘t just dig the sweaty men in tight pants or muscle baring tank tops - they actually respect the game and know the rules. These are the ones up in the bleachers, not the box, holding a cold one and screaming their lungs out.



What guy doesn’t dream of having a sexy girlfriend who loves sports just as much as he does? These celebrity hotties are all avid sports fans - unfortunately most are probably out of your league, already taken, or both - but hey. A guy can dream, right?

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa not only has season tickets to the Dodgers, she actually designed a line of apparel for female baseball fans that hugs curves a little better than the boyfriend’s jersey. Plus, she’s still one of the sexiest women in the world.

The Kardashians

OK, maybe a bit of a stretch, but these ladies have dated enough sports figures to start their own team. Momma Kardashian set the ball rolling by marrying Olympian Bruce Jenner, so maybe the attraction is genetic.

Jessica Alba

This Dark Angel is a regular at both Lakers and Clippers games, seen courtside with her hubby Cash Warren. Now there’s one lucky dude - he gets Alba and escapes ribbing about his love of the game!

Ashley Judd

A true blue fan of her beloved Kentucky Wildcats, Judd has been known to cook dinner for the squad and wrote about her ‘blue crush’ in Sports Illustrated. She usually sits in the student section at games.

Eva Longoria

Far from the desperate housewife, Eva attends a myriad of sports games, even when hubby Tony Parker can’t come along. Of course she mainly roots for the Spurs, but she’s also been spotted at MLS games, boxing matches and the French Open.

Sarah Jessica Parker / Susan Sarandon

The Sex in the City star screams for the Yankees like any other true New Yorker, even if she is an Ohio transplant.  So does the more mature but still smokin’ Sarandon, who actually is a native of the Big Apple.

Jennifer Garner

Garner doesn’t need an alias when she goes to San Francisco 49ers games. She’s proud to be a fan and lets everyone know it!

Katie Holmes

In between playing Jackie O and defending her relationship with Tom Cruise, the former Dawson’s Creek star cheers for the LA Galaxy team - a seemingly odd choice for a girl from Toledo.

Eliza Dushku

The hottie from Dollhouse loves to attend Celtics games, and reportedly did even before she started dating Rick Fox.

Jessica Simpson

She may play the dumb blonde, but she’ll always be hot. Jess actually served as the Grand Marshal one year at the Daytona NASCAR Pepsi 400 - and she rocked it.

Plenty of other hot celebs are also major sports fans, including Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Hilary Swank, Jessica Biel, Penelope Cruz and Heather Locklear - but you can only list so many Celtics and Lakers fans before it starts getting boring… The hotties in the list, however, portray a fairly even range of teams and sports industries.

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Jessica Alba's love of competitive sports embraces staring contests
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