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Most guys fantasize about two women having sex. That’s why a huge percentage of porn and other erotic materials feature two women doing each other. But let’s be real…watching porn or looking at girl-girl sex pictures in a magazine is nowhere near as fun as actually having two bi-sexual women…
You settle into your airline seat - and see the 250 pound woman heading your way… or the dude sneezing furiously into a handful of crumpled tissues… or (god forbid) the young girl with the screaming baby in her lap. What do you do?
You’ve got a beautiful naked woman in your bed. She’s smiling at you seductively while her hands smooth down the sheets beside her in invitation. You’ve waited for this night for months and it’s finally here...and you’re scared to death.
Do you have a death wish? Most of us would hopefully answer “no” to that question but if you are a smoker, you’re answer is an emphatic “yes.” Whether you agree with that statement or not, the sad truth is smoking cigarettes will eventually kill you. If you continue smoking,…
It’s a tale as old as time – you’re great pals with this girl, but you can’t help wishing you were more than friends. It’s one of the most common questions asked of relationship experts: how do I go from friend to boyfriend? Perhaps you have asked this question yourself,…
These chicks don‘t just dig the sweaty men in tight pants or muscle baring tank tops - they actually respect the game and know the rules. These are the ones up in the bleachers, not the box, holding a cold one and screaming their lungs out.
Let’s face it; every guy wants a better sex life. Even if you have a fantastic time between the sheets, in the back of your mind you’re probably wondering if there are ways to make it even better. Rather than focusing on what would make it better for you –…
On a recent trip to Ft Lauderdale, this author met a lot of guys. Some of them were quite good looking, but unfortunately once they opened their mouths ... well. A few of the following pickup lines are inspired by ones I actually heard - and I can guarantee they…
You know you watch for them. That hint of color on pale skin when a girl bends over to pick something up, or reaches to snag something off a high shelf. Is it a bird? A plane? No - it’s a back tattoo!
Everybody knows women are emotional creatures. We cry when we’re sad, happy, angry, frustrated, or sometimes for no reason at all. Then there are women who have so much emotional baggage you’re surprised you can’t see suitcases. How do you deal with her erratic moods?

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