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Nothing drives a guy crazier than a girl who plays hard to get. It’s frustrating, annoying, and exhausting. A woman who plays hard to get is unpredictable and hard to read, making it difficult for the guy to determine if she’s playing him or simply not interested. Most men admit…
Most women who appear in adult films find it difficult to crossover to mainstream movie and TV. However, the adult film life of most of these stars is short - the first sign of age, and they are replaced by younger, firmer bodies. Which former porn stars now have careers…
For a truly unforgettable vacation, take a trip to Bora Bora, the “Romantic Island” of French Polynesia. Bora Bora is quite possibly the most famous island in the world, featuring high-class resorts, gorgeous scenery, romantic legends, and exciting tourist attractions.
Finding the right cologne can be challenging for many guys – downright impossible for some. Trying to figure out what cologne is suited best for you may be intimidating because of the variety of choices. Maybe you leave the cologne shopping to your wife or girlfriend, but it’s not a…
You like partying with the guys; going out to the clubs and drinking until dawn. You revel in living the wild life and joke about your hangover with pride. Perhaps you feel you’ve got your drinking under control and alcoholism is the farthest thing from your mind...but should it be?
Televisions have come a long way from the little box with bunny ears displaying a fuzzy black and white picture. As technology improved, the quality of the picture gradually got better and televisions became more advanced. Today there are more choices than ever – plasma, LCD, LED, HD, 3D –…
All men know that women are a mystery. Trying to unravel that mystery can often be challenging, especially when attempting to discern if a woman is interested in you. Women have a tendency to give off confusing signals (I apologize on behalf of all women), but usually not for any…
From gorgeous beaches strewn with the bikini clad and tanned women to the bustling nightlife and rowdy atmosphere of the Strip, Ft Lauderdale is definitely the go to spot for fun in the sun - especially in January or February!
If you are thinking about selling your car, there are a few things you should know. When you follow a few practical tips, not only will you sell your vehicle - you’ll get a fair price. Whether you’re selling it privately or taking it to a dealership, your car needs…
If you are looking for a truly relaxing vacation in Europe, consider staying at a hotel renowned for its world-class spa. The luxury hotels on our list all have one thing in common – an incredible spa with amazing features suited for both men and women.

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