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First Date Mistakes to Avoid

You’ll have a great night if you avoid these first date mistakes. You’ll have a great night if you avoid these first date mistakes.

You went on a first date and thought it went really well. Anxiously you wait a couple of days and give the woman a call – confident she’ll agree to a second date. Now you’re scratching your head in confusion as she just turned you down flat. What happened? Perhaps you’re one of the naïve men who think they’ve got the dating game all figured out. It might be time to rethink your strategy and come up with a new game plan. To help you get started, here are a few common first date mistakes to avoid.


Talking Too Much

Nothing spoils a date faster than the guy (or girl) who won’t shut up. Maybe it’s nerves that has you turning into Chatty Charlie, or maybe you really are that full of yourself. Either way, running your mouth is not going to help your chances of getting a second date. If you’ve got a great story you want to share, go ahead – but use your words sparingly. Don’t turn a charming anecdote into a twenty minute snooze-fest. If you observe your date checking her watch or glancing around, you’ve probably used up your allotted time to keep her interest.

Another common mistake that goes hand in hand with this one is talking too much about yourself. Granted, you want to make a good impression on the date. But tooting your own horn is not going to go over so well. When your date asks you a personal question, be honest, but be humble. A haughty, “I’m-so-great” attitude will get you nowhere.

Getting Too Personal

You want to keep the conversation going, but know where to keep your distance. If you ask your date a question and she shies away from answering or changes the subject, don’t come back to that question again later on. Clearly it’s something she’s not comfortable talking about, at least not yet.

Women don’t want to be interviewed on the first date. Obviously there will be plenty of questions being asked and answered, but don’t turn it into an audition. Questions like “Am I your type,” “Do you like me,” or “how would you rate this date” are off-limits.

Another first date mistake to avoid? Running down your list of exes. No one wants to hear about your past girlfriends - especially if you talk trash about her. Your current date will be wondering if you’ll do the same thing to her.

Not Being Yourself

Trying to be someone you’re not is a definite mistake to avoid at all costs. Women can easily spot a fake, so your effort is completely wasted. Don’t agree with something she says if you really don’t. This will only lead to awkwardness later on when your true feelings come out. A relationship based on dishonesty will never last.

Putting on a show just to impress a woman will just put pressure on you to continue the charade, and it’s really not worth it. Your real identity will reveal itself eventually, so why not be yourself to begin with? If you’re looking for a meaningful relationship, you need to find someone who accepts you for you.

Steering clear of these common first date mistakes will definitely help you succeed in the dating game. Once you know what not to do on a first date, you’ll have a much better idea of what women really want. Of course, this is really an entirely different topic all by itself…

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Here are a few additional first date mistakes to avoid.
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