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Five Ways to Ensure a Healthy Relationship

Respect and understanding will leave you both smiling. Respect and understanding will leave you both smiling.

One out of two marriages is destined to fail, according to current statistics. No doubt the numbers are similar, if not worse, for couples who aren’t married. Relationships are often complicated and difficult to maintain, and problems are intensified when couples refuse to put in the necessary effort to correct them.

Healthy relationships take work, with both partners equally committed to each other. Following these five tips will ensure you have a healthy relationship that will stand the test of time.

Respect Each Other

No relationship can survive without mutual respect. If you don’t respect your partner, it will cause arguments to turn into ugly fights. When you don’t respect someone, it is easy to say things you’ll later regret. Respect helps you both stay calm and listen to the other person’s point of view without interrupting.

Respect means you put the other person ahead of yourself; giving priority to their needs instead of yours. When you are in the wrong, or have made a mistake, it is much easier to apologize to someone you respect. By the same token, it’s much easier to forgive someone you respect.

Communicate Regularly

Don’t let a day go by without meaningful communication with the person you love. Spending quality time together is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship. In today’s modern world, you have no excuse for not keeping in touch. Text, email, web cam, phone calls – you have an endless array of communication options.

Have significant conversations. Don’t just cover the basics – talk about things that are important to you. The more interesting and engaging conversations you have with your loved one, the better you get to know each other. Learn to be a good listener – this is also a key part of quality communication.

Develop Realistic Expectations

Life is not a fairytale, and we don’t always live happily ever after. This is especially true if you have high expectations of your partner. Impossibly high expectations will almost always lead to disappointment. Movies, romance novels, and other media have romanticized love into something it’s really not. Love rarely works out the way we expect; it is constantly evolving and changing. You need to learn to adapt to these changes and roll with the punches life throws you. Don’t expect perfection – you’ll never get it. Realistic expectations make it easier to get past misunderstandings and forgive mistakes.

Be Understanding

Understanding, compassion, and empathy are three crucial qualities for a healthy relationship. We all go through challenges in our life when we need support. If you and your partner can support each other through the difficult times, your bond of love will be strengthened. Being understanding when your lover is sad, angry, or depressed will make a huge difference in your relationship. Even if you don’t truly understand the feelings and emotions your girl is going through, being there for her that’s all that matters.

Keep Sex a Priority

In the beginning of a relationship, when attraction is sizzling and sexual tension ignites, it’s easy to make sex a priority. After a while, though, sometimes sex takes a back seat to paying bills, taking care of kids, work, and everyday life. Don’t let this happen! Sex is an important part of any healthy relationship. Sex is not just about the physical – it keeps you and your partner emotionally close as well. It re-establishes your bond, strengthens your need for each other, and gives you a chance to express your love.

Relationships may be challenging, so be prepared to work for your happiness. When disagreements arise, speak honestly but calmly. If things get heated, take a break and come back to the discussion later. Put each other’s needs first and be understanding. With good communication, respect, and realistic expectations, you will enjoy a truly healthy relationship.

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