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Is She Into You? How to Tell

If she touches you, it’s a good sign that she’s into you. If she touches you, it’s a good sign that she’s into you.

All men know that women are a mystery. Trying to unravel that mystery can often be challenging, especially when attempting to discern if a woman is interested in you. Women have a tendency to give off confusing signals (I apologize on behalf of all women), but usually not for any nefarious reasons – like purposely trying to drive you crazy.


The truth is that women give off confusing signals because at the beginning of relationships, women experience confusing emotions. While you’re desperately trying to figure out if she’s into you, she may be trying to determine the same thing herself. So rather than cursing the poor girl, recognize that she may not fully understand her feelings yet. The good news is that there are ways to tell if a woman likes you – once she’s figured it out, of course. Here are seven simple ways to determine if she’s into you.

  1. She talks to you. Not just about lame topics like the weather or work; she talks to you about real subjects that mean something to her. If your conversations are varied and interesting, and she maintains eye contact with you, it means she’s enjoying your company. If she laughs at your jokes – score.
  2. You’ve met her family. If the girl you like introduces you to her family, she definitely sees you in her future. Most women don’t bring home guys they are planning on dumping. When she wants you to meet her BFF, you’re in. As long as you pass inspection of course.
  3. She’s there for you. When you’re going through a tough time or dealing with a problem and your girl offers support, she has feelings for you. Women like to care for their man, so if she goes out of her way to help you, there’s something special happening.
  4. She’s comfortable around you. A woman who acts fake or pretends to be someone else is not really looking for a real relationship. If a woman trusts you with her true self, you can count on more dates.
  5. She wants to look her best for you. Most girls do their hair and make-up anyway, but if she pays special attention to her appearance when meeting up with you, it means what you think about her looks is important to her. Thus, you are important to her.
  6. You’re getting her quality time. If a woman is brushing you off to hang out with friends, repeatedly giving you excuses for why she can’t go out with you, it’s time to move on. But if you’re getting lots of one-on-one time with a girl, if she always returns your calls, and if your dates are piling up – she’s into you.
  7. She calls you because she’s thinking of you. This is very different from her calling you because she’s bored, or simply has a phone addiction. When a girl calls you to say goodnight, or just to say hello because you’re on her mind, you can be confident that her feelings are escalating.


One of the most important ways to determine if a girl likes you is to read her body language. If you don’t pay attention to a woman’s body language, you’re missing out on a ton of indicators. Does she lean into you when talking to you? Touch your arm when you make her laugh? Fidget with her hair? Be observant when you’re with her and you should easily be able to tell how she feels. Physical contact (even eye contact) establishes a connection and means she’s glad she’s there with you. Actions speak louder than words, so pay careful attention to the signals she’s sending. Even if they are confusing at first, they’ll become clearer with time. And if her positive body language is combined with any of the seven signs on our list, congrats my friend – she’s into you.

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Clues to look for when trying to figure out if a girl likes you.
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