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Adult Film Stars Who Successfully Went Mainstream

Jenna Jameson is one Sexy Lady Jenna Jameson is one Sexy Lady

Most women who appear in adult films find it difficult to crossover to mainstream movie and TV. However, the adult film life of most of these stars is short - the first sign of age, and they are replaced by younger, firmer bodies. Which former porn stars now have careers in the mainstream?


The hydroponics lifestyle allows for luxuries many only dream of - and the ability to kick back, relax and enjoy beautiful women on the screen is only one of those luxuries. Some of the sexiest women in the world enter the adult film industry, and then leave it behind for a more mainstream audience. If you’re a fan of some of these ladies but would like to catch a glimpse of them in a movie you don’t have to pull the shades and lock your bedroom door to watch, read on…

Traci Lords

Infamous for her underage beginnings as a porn actress and model for Penthouse, Traci turned 18 and decided to leave the porn industry after being arrested for her illegal films. She made one last movie at legal age, sold the rights for $100,000, and enrolled at the Lee Strasburg Theater Institute to pursue a career in ’real acting’.

Traci has since appeared in many mainstream films, including Blade, Tommyknockers and Chump Change (for which she won a Best Actress Award at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival); as well as television shows such as Gilmore Girls and Will and Grace.

Veronica Hart

Hart climbed the adult industry ladder to become a successful porn producer after her acting days were done, and also crossed over to the mainstream with non-sexual cameos in several television shows such as Six Feet Under and the movies Magnolia (with Tom Cruise and Julianne Moore) and Boogie Nights.

Ginger Lynn

Lynn beat out even Traci Lord to become the first Vivid Entertainment Vivid Girl, and was well known for her innovative adult films at a time when many sex acts were not performed by the biggest pornographic actresses. Lynn did lesbian scenes, talked dirty, and appeared frequently with the legendary John Holmes.

During a hiatus from porn, Ginger appeared in many mainstream films, including Young Guns II, The Devil’s Rejects, and one each of the infamous American Pie and National Lampoon movies. She recently returned to making adult films, and is still winning awards in that industry.

Jenna Jameson

Jameson is popularly considered the most successful and popular porn star of all time. A savvy business woman, Jenna was convinced that less meant more, and constantly left her fans begging for more. She marketed herself aggressively, and created one of the first highly successful membership porn sites on the internet.

Jenna’s gradual shift into mainstream film celebrates her success as an adult film actress rather than glossing it over - most of the characters she plays are porn stars. She has appeared in Private Parts (with Howard Stern), Porn ‘n Chicken (with Ron Jeremy), and did the voice of herself in a Family Guy episode.

Sylvester Stallone

According to Answer.com, Sylvester Stallone "appeared in a softcore porn film, 'Party at Kitty's and Studs'. After he became famous, the film was re-released as 'The Italian Stallion'." Yet another question on Answer.com revealed even more about Stallone. "Was Sylvester Stallone ever a boxer? No, and he was also never an actor."

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