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Best Foods for Your Sex Drive

You can't go wrong with fruit in bed! You can't go wrong with fruit in bed!

We’ve heard all the stories about oysters on the half shell, and grapes fed to your lover by hand. What foods can really help your sex life - and why? Find out which foods work, and which are just wishful thinking.


Whether you are looking forward to a sexy honeymoon or a three day vacation away from work, school and children, you want to make the most of your time with your partner! Aphrodisiac foods are often the answer to increased libido and staying power for both of you - but which ones really work, and what combination is best to ensure you both have a great time from dusk till dawn?

  • Oysters - Myth or Reality?

Oysters do contain iodine and zinc (testosterone boosters) as well as trace amounts of ‘triggers’ which can react with amino acids and boost libido. Unfortunately, this one goes down as a myth, because in order for the trace amounts to work, you have to eat 50 oysters all at once. Now that’s a definite mood killer.

  • Bananas - Fact or Fiction?

Bananas contain significant amounts of potassium and B vitamins - in high enough levels that eating one a day is enough to keep your sex hormones feeling fine and frisky. That’s a fact you can depend on (and they also make a useful demonstration tool for oral sex, if she needs a little practice).

  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Seriously!


You’d likely guffaw and brush this off as a myth - but think again - it’s rock solid truth. Chocolate covered anything is good for her sex drive - in fact, Italian researchers say women who eat chocolate consisting of at least 60% cocoa on a regular basis have an increased sex drive compared to those who don’t. The phenyl-ethylamine in chocolate discharges the same hormones released during sex. There’s a reason you give women chocolates as a gift!

  • Saffron - Spice of Seduction

Is she tense, anxious, depressed or - worst of all - sporting a headache you fear will kill the mood? Feed her saffron - it’s great in rice dishes and is in fact a natural pain-reliever and anti-depressant, making her feel relaxed and sexy. It also contains picrocrocin, a chemical that makes the body more sensitive to the touch, increasing her sensuality. After dinner, give her a massage and watch her go limp and willing in your hands!

  • Pomegranate - Sexy or Just Messy?

Pomegranate seeds contain some of the highest anti-oxidant levels to be found in any food - meaning more blood flow to all regions of your body. Yep, that includes the important bits. Spread a spare sheet from the linen closet on the bed, and break open a fresh fruit to lovingly feed each other the small, plump seeds. You’ll be romping playfully in no time- and that‘s the truth!

  • Grapes - Good for Game-Playing

Grapes don’t really boost anything but your giggle factor. That they boost libido through any nutritional value is simply a myth! However, anything that gets the two of you up close and personal is a plus, so keep feeding each other fruit in bed, and reap the benefits of relaxed laughter at each other’s antics.

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