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Kissing Her Lower Lips: Your Inside Guide to Oral Sex

Turn these sideways and lower them a couple of feet☺ Turn these sideways and lower them a couple of feet☺

Guys, I have important insider news about our most precious possessions: our genitals. Here we go…women’s genitals are infinitely more complex and pleasure-loaded than your penis. I mean let’s face it, the vagina (not my preferred word for it, but just think of a kittycat every time I use the word vagina), has its clit, two sets of lips, the G-Spot, and other pleasure centers loaded in. Your penis just doesn’t have that much pleasure potential for you. Sorry, dudes. But the good news is that when you learn to kiss her lower lips and otherwise work her vagina (meow meow), you will earn love, affection and incredibly hot sex. You’ll also drink a nice dose of protein and female hormones. So here’s how to do it…

For many women, less is more. Teasing is pleasing. Light is right.

First of all, you want to understand that the outer lips are pleasure centers in themselves. You can gently lick, bite, tongue, French kiss, and tickle those outer lips. You can put them between your fingers and roll them around, especially so that they massage the clit hidden inside. Trust me boys…many girls can have repeat-trigger orgasms just from this kind of outer lips play.

Next up is the clit itself. And if you’re doing your job correctly, her clit will be up and erect like a mini-penis. Her clit is way more sensitive than the head of your penis, so don’t necessarily go at her clit like you’d go at a piece of steak. For many women, less is more. Teasing is pleasing. Light is right.

Try putting that clit in your mouth and sucking it lightly, tenderly, kind of like how you’d suck her nipple, but a little less pressure. Moisten your fingers with her juices or safe, organic lubricant and caress the areas just above, below and around the clit.

Did you know that the area between her clit and the opening of her vagina is ranked equal to her G-spot for orgasm-generating potential? It’s true. So what you do is start with your fingers or tongue just below the clit and then work your way down from clit to vaginal opening and back again. Be warned: she may clamp your head so hard with her thighs when she orgasms that you’ll need oxygen afterwards! But it’s all worth it.

After you’ve worked her erect, hard clit and the kind area around it, your babe will be moaning for insertion. You could use your moisture missile at this point, but since your face is down there between her open legs already, it’s sweet to stick your tongue as far inside her vagina as possible.

Now curl your tongue upwards to lick the front wall of her interior vagina, which is where her G-spot is. Reach up and caress the clit and clit area, and her phat, swollen lips as you do this. And feel her writhe like a bucking bronco.

The key is communication. Ask her before, during and after sex what’s working and what’s not so hot.

One other thing- every girl has her own favorite kitty strokes for you to do. I’ve just described what works best for me and the other females I’ve talked to about this, but your girlfriend might prefer a completely different sexual menu. The key is communication. Ask her before, during and after sex what’s working and what’s not so hot. She’ll love you for it, and you’ll be able to better customize your oral sex techniques to give her oodles of orgasms!

Boys, the vagina is an amazing kittycat that you can oral sex until your honey is almost comatose with pleasure and your face is gooey with delicious love juice. If you want some help working her vagina, check out my articles on getting another girl to join you and your hottie in bed. Two tongues are better than one!

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