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Three Sex Positions to Try in the New Year

Doesn't she deserve more spice in the bedroom? Doesn't she deserve more spice in the bedroom?

Looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom? Tired of switching back and forth between ‘missionary’ and ‘doggie style’? These three sex positions may take some practice, but you’ll find new ways to increase pleasure for both of you. Plan on making a special date with your partner to ensure you don’t have to rush!


Sex Position # 1 - The Flatiron

While most positions concentrate on spreading her legs, the flatiron is designed for a tighter fit and more intense stimulation. Have her lie on her stomach, with her legs not quite together and her bottom raised  enough for you to gain access to the holy land.

Straddle her with your knees on either side of her upper thighs, and lean forward until you are almost lying on top of her. You both may have to wriggle and maneuver a bit to achieve penetration, but once you do the sensation will be incredible.

Depth of penetration isn’t the aim here - the tightness forces you to keep your thrusts short and abrupt. Slip your hand under her front to give her a little manual help. You may want to practice breathing slowly and shallowly to maintain control - this position brings satisfaction faster than you might think!

Sex Position # 2: The Inverted Jockey

This is another position that puts you in control and forces her to keep her legs mostly closed. Positions like this mean she feels tighter to you, and you feel bigger to her!

Put her on her back, and straddle her on your knees, sitting back on your heels and parting her thighs just enough to gain access. Once you’ve achieved penetration, lower your upper body on top of hers, encouraging her to loop her arms around your neck.

You can rest your weight on your elbows and slide your hands under her shoulders to hug her tightly to you. A rocking motion will increase friction on the top of her pubic area and increase the friction at the entry point, bringing more enjoyment to both of you!

Sex Position # 3: The Sitting Wheelbarrow

While the first two positions are designed for hot and heavy breathing and intense full body contact, this little trick gets you really moving and offers her a head rush. Start by sitting in a low chair or on the edge of the bed and have her straddle you in a kneeling position facing away from you.

Once you’ve achieved penetration, engage in a little thrusting and enjoy holding onto her breasts and touching her between her legs until she’s excited. Then encourage her to lean over and put her hands on the floor, pulling her legs around you so she’s resting on the fronts of her thighs with her feet crossed behind your back.

With her in this position, you can achieve full penetration, and (if she’s open to it) enjoy spanking her lightly. With her head lower than her torso, she’ll be getting extra blood flow that will heighten her excitement. If her arms get tired, drop to a kneeling position on the floor and finish in traditional doggie style.

These three sex positions are guaranteed to start your New Year off right!

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