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Lois Hill - The Perfect Alternative to a Christmas Proposal!

She'll love the Christmas gift and you for your good taste.  Photo copyright by WhatsWear.com Photographer Joanna McClure She'll love the Christmas gift and you for your good taste. Photo copyright by WhatsWear.com Photographer Joanna McClure

It’s almost Christmas, and she’s expecting something grand. Not quite ready to pop the question? Choose a Lois Hill signature piece of silver designer jewelry to assure her that you’re still interested without being cornered into making that ultimate commitment.

Lois Hill jewelry is the perfect Christmas gift and will let her know how special she is! Choose from a stunning array of jewelry inspired by exotic locales - Lois Hill takes her cue from the ancient ruins, mythology and faiths of many cultures, creating collections that bring art and history together in an incredible display of luxury and class.

Choose an exquisite Alhambra cuff to adorn her lovely arm, or a triple stacked hand carved ring for a dainty finger. Is she into yoga? The Jivasukha jewelry collection offers sterling silver, sapphire and ruby beads implemented into a stunning array of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants, engraved with Sanskrit words and mantras to inspire her every day and remind her of what a sensitive guy you really are!

Hand carved earrings and meticulously woven sterling silver bracelets are featured in the Lois Hill Classics collection. Pick out a pendant or select from a variety of handcrafted rings. Does your lady love adore Spanish style? Present her with an alternating Alhambra bracelet that combines Spanish influences with Moorish architectural styles to create a unique look that will be sure to have her awestruck at your thoughtfulness and originality.

Are you hoping to show her you care deeply without gifting her an engagement ring? The Lois Hill Journey Station bracelet incorporates the artistic style of the 18th century, reinterpreting the Indian technique of Kuftgari by creating sterling silver pieces adorned with intricate scrollwork and overlaid with 24K gold. Matching earrings feature gold inlay and sterling silver in her choice of either flat studs or exquisite drop earrings.

Subtly promise to ‘be there for all time’ with a flat woven silver or alternating link band made functional by the addition of a luxury Swiss timepiece. The watches depart from the ordinary and make for a deeply personal gift that can be worn daily as a reminder of your love and devotion. It’s the excellent choice for a relationship that’s moving slowly, and gives her something to show her girlfriends so they can coo over your impressive gift. Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to show her how much you care!

Does she love the subtle glow of semi-precious stones? A rectangular piece of highly polished, beautifully cut champagne quartz set in a repousse border and hung from a stunning component chain will complement nearly any outfit she owns and make her your devoted slave! Add an amethyst ring adorned with delicate filigree and tiny granulated pearls of silver for a complete set of jewelry she’ll be able to cherish.

If you’re interested enough in keeping her around to drop some serious cash, you can’t go wrong with a Christmas present from Lois Hill; she’ll be satisfied knowing you care without pushing for more. It’s the gift that solves everything!

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Lois Hill jewelry is handmade, and inspired by ancient cultures
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