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Hair styling products: create a new style every time.

  • Written by  Athanikar
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You love the new, flattering hair cut that has made you a chick magnate, much to the envy of the fellow male species. That’s what a smart haircut complementing your personality can do – add a new, stylish element to your presence and pump up your style quotient.

Your hairstyle, like the other grooming choices you make, reflects a lot about the kind of person you are. So once you’ve made your choice about your haircut, it’s important that you maintain it well.  Shampooing, conditioning, eating right and regular hair brushing are some basics to remember in order to achieve healthy hair. However, a great haircut needs the right hair care products to accentuate the look that’s worth flaunting. A hair styling product can even alter your current hairdo to add some spunk without investing in a new hairstyle.

Different hair styling products can lend distinct textures and styles for various hair types.  Read on to discover which product works best for the look you covet.


Hair mousseis a versatile and light weight styling product that provides moderate styling control for practically any desired look. Applied to wet hair before drying and styling, it adds volume, controls frizz and fly-aways.

Mousse works best for hair that’s neither too thick nor too thin. When used on wet hair, it gives a sleek, wet and shiny finish to your hairstyle. When used on dry hair, it can shape and mould your hair for a natural look. Mousse can also provide volume for men with slightly thinner hair. Restyling later in the day will be an easy affair as mousse is not sticky.


One of the most effective hairstyling products, hair gel keeps your hair steadily in place. You can use it for numerous techniques like sculpting, moulding, freezing or scrunching. Most branded gels act as moisturisers and conditioners as well.

Hair gel works best for wavy or curly hair. You can create the desired style with hair gel and blow dry the style for maximum hold. Alternatively, allowing it to dry naturally will create a shiny look. A hair style created with hair gel will remain undisturbed even in the face of a strong breeze. However, if you need to restyle it after a few hours, be equipped to manage a sticky affair.


Pomade is a waxy, greasy hair styling product that works wonders for thick, coarse, curly or wavy hair adding some much needed sheen to such hair types. You can use it to hold, shape, mould and design your tresses. It is a wonderful hair product for hairstyles that need a lot of styling or need to create a ‘messy’ look. Hugely popular in the 1950s and 1060s, pomade has lost popularity over the years as it renders hair greasy to touch and needs more than one washing to remove it from your hair strands.


Hair sprays can create magic for thinner hair. It gives amazing hold but does not weigh down hair or make it look scanty – in fact it gives the illusion of a fuller, thicker mane. Besides styling, it’s also a finishing product that makes your hair dazzle. When sprayed on wet hair it can help you style it the way you want. On already styled dry hair, it adds shine and a strong hold to the hairstyle. Besides, it’s extremely easy to use, just spray it evenly on your hair in three to four sprays and create the look you desire.

Word of caution – hairspray is inflammable, so make sure you stay away from any source of fire. Over spraying can make your hair look crunchy and dry. With some experience, you’ll learn just how much spray is really required.

So go ahead and explore which hair styling product works best for your hairstyle – mousse, pomade, gel or hairspray. You won’t know till you try! Rosebud recommends that whenever you purchase any hair styling product, make sure it is alcohol free, offers UV protection, and has moisturizing characteristics to maintain a healthy mane. Investing in hair styling products from good brands will ensure that you look great without compromising on your hair quality.

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