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Great Gadgets: Spend Some of that Hard-Earned Cash on these Gizmos

Impress your friends with your ping-pong prowess Impress your friends with your ping-pong prowess


Check out these great gadgets - lots of fun ways to spend any income you don't want to leave sitting around in a bank account.


Guerrilla growers know that camping under the stars can be a treat, except for the hard ground and bugs and critters crawling around like they own the place. The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock from Lawson ($139.99; lawsonhammock.com) not only gets you off the cold hard dirt, it can keep you covered as well, and it provides room for your gear. It weighs just 4.25 pounds, making it less cumbersome to carry than a tent and sleeping bag. And in case the weather turns sour, it also comes with a nylon rain tarp shelter that’ll keep you both high and dry.



While a dining room table is great for holidays, it’s a waste of space the rest of the year. The Tennis & Table from Plus Pieces solves the problem with a beautiful table ($6,600; unbouncepages.com/tableandtennis) that can go from serving turkey to serving the winning shot. It also features a drawer to store the net, some balls and the paddles, because all work and no play make for a dull grower.



You can wear any headphones to work out, but wouldn’t you rather wear the official training headphones of the USA triathlon team? The Bluebuds X from Jaybird ($169.95; jaybirdgear.com) are the smallest Bluetooth headphones on the market, and thus will save you from tripping over cords or cables. They offer eight hours of airtime on a single charge and feature sports ear cushions to block out the outside world while remaining comfortable when you go the distance. These even come with a lifetime warranty against sweat. All this means they’ll probably last longer than you will on the treadmill.



Pee-wee Herman is probably a better role model than Lance Armstrong these days. They both rode cool bikes and each had his own scandal, but one remains funny while the other never had a sense of humor. For those who can take a joke, the Pee-wee Inspired Skinsuit ($150; podiumcycling.com) from Podium Cycling is just the thing. It might not be a yellow jersey, but it does feature a quality polyester fabric mix that is flexible, durable and comfortable, and it’s available for good boys and girls.



There are plenty of low-end speaker bars on the market, but they often just provide sound that’s louder, not better. The Sonos Playbar ($699; sonos.com) is a wireless system that features nine amplified speakers in a single unit and connects to a flat panel TV with just a single cable. It can stream music from virtually any audio source in the house, including an iPod, while also delivering more than 100,000 free Internet radio stations, podcasts and shows. There’s even a night mode that lets listen-ers hear all the glorious details without waking the family.



When it comes to protecting your new iPhone or iPod, it’s easy to find a case depicting your favorite superhero or cartoon character. But if you’d prefer something a bit more artistic, Cygnett’s new ICON series ($29.99 to $39.99; us.cygnett.com) will bring the gallery to your pocket. Available in both hard and designer cases for iPhones 4 and 5 as well as fifth generation iPod Touches (check the site for available styles), the series includes original imagery from Australian illustrator and Scarygirl creator Nathan Jurevicius, Bronx muralist and graffiti artist TATS CRU, and Australian aboriginal artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa.


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Check out this super cool camping hammock.
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