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  The latest issue of Rosebud Magazine (which features our very own smokin' hot grow expert, Deonna Marie, on the cover) contains another bang up edition of "Gotta Get 'Em Games," our regular video game column. Well, we thought we'd do something a little different as an added bonus this…
  Hey gamers, we here at Rosebud Magazine are always psyched to talk video games with our fellow growers. In the latest issue of Rosebud Magazine (the one with hottie Brooklyn Decker on the cover) we run down some of the hottest video game titles of the summer. These are…
  Among the thousands of apps available in the Apple and Android Marketplaces, it is often easy to overlook some of the less advertised or publicized options. Most of us smart-phone owners have Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, but there are a lot of pretty fantastic programs that a lot of…
  Check out these cool accessories to get your summer rockin' on a high-tech high note. From outdoor TVs to fold-up skateboards, pedal kayaks to Muppets accessories, we've got a great collection of gadgets and devices to help you enjoy summer a lot more!
In the realm of cookware, it seems as though there’s some new Rube Goldberg gadget on the market every time Paula Deen thinks about butter. Many are ridiculous (pizza scissors?), but some can make your time spent cooking almost as pleasurable as your time spent eating.
TASTY TABLET While Apple didn’t invent the tablet, the company certainly made a splash with the iPad. But if the price still seems too high for you, consider Coby’s new Ice Cream Sandwich line of tablets ($179; cobyusa.com).
Millions of females worldwide play video games, but perhaps you've found yourself dating someone who would rather shop or sunbathe than annihilate terrorists in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Do not despair! Many video games today are adding features or storylines to make themselves more attractive to female gamers, and…
Don’t be mistaken by its moniker: Chevy Cruze is not the missing love child of Tom and Penelope, half-brother of Suri. No, it's Chevrolet's answer to the out-of-production/redheaded stepchild Cobalt. If you’re in the market for a compact car with great gas mileage, we think the Cruze is far from…
We know you have a favorite t-shirt. We do, too. It’s soft, full of holes and residing in the drawer of an ex-partner and we want it back. Since we’re not making that call, we rounded up a few prime for picking, tees that are sure to get you noticed,…
It’s one of the hottest looks ever - the perennial leather jacket over faded, torn, skin hugging jeans. When did the trend start and which actors made it their mission to keep the look alive and sexy?

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