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All EU countries fight against discrimination – they want to have the freedom to smoke, grow and treat their pain with cannabis! Although seen as not-that-important by many people who have little to do with Europe, we are happy to put light on this subject by showing how the people…
Quick Tips For Saving More Electricity Looking for some easy ways to keep that meter from spinning so quickly? Here are some small things that we all can do to save those kilowatts in your grow room.
Untangling Your Monthly Electric Bill    Running your garden can cost you quite a bit in electricity. Depending on how many lights, fans, air conditioning, chillers, pumps and so on that you are running, you can easily be paying $1,000 per month before you know it. Fortunately, there are ways…
From environment to needy families in Eastern Europe to initiatives in support of medical marijuana, Advanced Nutrients owner Big Mike lives to help.
 The world is waking up and people are becoming aware of the dangers that GMO food products pose to themselves and their loved ones. But one member of the family might have been forgotten – your pet.
Unless you’ve been living completely off the grid, you are no doubt aware of the massive data-gathering programs that were revealed in June by CIA contractor Edward Snowden. Since that shocking revelation, hardly a week has passed without a new report of government spying on citizens, from the NSA’s PRISM…
We’ve pretty much established that GMOs are, at best, bad for your health and, at worst, going to cause the zombie apocalypse. But which countries are the biggest producers of GMOs, and why do they not seem concerned? Here’s a rundown of the three biggest GMO producers (and they have…
  Horizontal gene transfer is nature's way of swapping genes between unrelated species. This process has had a great impact on the development of man-made GMOs, perhaps even as the inspiration for it. But while nature provides a model for advancements in biology and medicine, many of its methods are…
  Genetic engineering (GE) is a term used to describe a scientific procedure created by humans that inserts genes of bacteria, vitamins, plants, or animals into the genetic makeup of another organism. The technology is relatively new.
  As we mentioned in part one of this series, Golden Rice 2 is a controversial new rice variety aimed to reduce vitamin A deficiencies plaguing third world nations. But despite being lauded as a step forward in the future of food, Golden Rice 2 has met with its fair…

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