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How to Deal with Auto Insurance Companies: Progressive, Geico, AAA, State Farm, Allstate and other Auto Insurance Companies Featured

  • Written by  Aaron Hampp
When the worst happens, will your auto insurance company be there for you? When the worst happens, will your auto insurance company be there for you?


Automobile insurance is mandatory, and you can see why. If auto insurance companies like Progressive, Geico, Esurance, AAA, State Farm, Nationwide, and Allstate didn’t provide automobile collision and injury coverage, there’d be a lot more banged-up, unrepaired cars and people.

Traffic accidents suck, and you need protection. But auto insurance companies are in business to make as much money as possible, and that means you’ve got to be very careful and alert when you’re buying auto insurance.

Now You Can Stop Auto Insurance Rip-Offs

Now increase your auto insurance mojo with these surefire tips for you to get the most from your auto insurance, increase your driving safety, and pay lower premiums for the best coverage.

Carefully Compare Auto Insurance Quotes & Coverages

Auto insurance is rife with deductibles, exclusions, tricks and other escape routes designed to make more money for the insurance company.

For example when a friend of mine got AAA insurance the salesperson didn’t tell her that for only $33 more per year she could have lower deductibles and better coverage.

When someone hit her, she had to pay her $500 deductible. If she had asked more questions about the coverages, deductibles and all available policy options before she bought, she could have spent $33 more, and saved $467.

Find Out How Auto Insurance Companies
Determine Your Risk & Premium Factors

Auto insurance companies use credit reports to determine how much they’ll charge you in premiums.

Your credit report may contain incorrect, misleading information. Most of them do. Geico told my cousin that because his credit report showed “high credit card debt” and “collection agency filings,” his auto insurance risk was considered high.

Geico had charged my cousin a very expensive premium for several years because of the faulty credit report. He’d never had an auto accident, traffic ticket, or auto insurance claim. Yet they’d never told him they considered him a high-risk driver.

He contacted the credit rating service and challenged the credit report. The credit report was revised, and Geico reluctantly lowered the policy premium, but refused to give him a credit for the previous years when the premium had been artificially high.

And remember, you can investigate auto insurance companies just like they investigate you. Check auto insurance company reputations by talking to people about their auto insurance experiences, by checking with your state insurance regulator, and by looking at reviews and complaints.

Don’t Let Auto Insurance Companies
Push You to “Approved” Repair Shops

When I had a fender bender, my insurance company tried to convince me to go to an “approved repair shop.” And they refused to provide me a rental car, even though I’d paid for rental care reimbursement.

When I looked into it, I learned that approved repair shops often cut deals with insurance companies so they use cheaper, inferior aftermarket parts and “approximate” paint matching.

When I chose an independent auto body repair facility, the insurance adjustor told me the facility charged too much and I’d have to pay part of the repair costs. He played hardball about the rental car.

I threatened to file a complaint with the state insurance agency. The insurance company agreed to reimburse the private shop, and I was happy...but if I hadn’t fought back, I would have been stuck with the inferior shop that uses aftermarket parts and cheap paint.

Be Careful What You Say to
 Auto Insurance Adjustors and Claims Managers

Yes, be careful what you say, especially if the auto insurance adjustors represent a driver who harmed your vehicle and/or injured you in an at-fault accident.

With the weird at-fault/no-fault laws in many states, you see insurance adjustors trying to work deals behind your back, deny you medical coverage when you’re injured, or convince you to accept a one-time settlement payment rather than lifetime medical care and other reimbursements.

It’s even worse if the person who’s at fault in the accident is an uninsured driver.

It’s not like I’m saying you absolutely must hire an attorney before you talk to an insurance company, but if you had injuries or severe vehicle damage from an auto accident, it’s smart to consult an insurance attorney before you sign any paperwork or accept any deals.

Ask for Auto Insurance Discounts & Complete Policy Explanations

My friend who has AAA insurance saved about $110 per year on her premiums because she asked what discounts AAA offered.

She found out they offered discounts for non-smokers, people with accounts at Bank of America, people with a totally clean driving record, and people who had other types of insurance (such as renter’s insurance), with AAA.

She doesn’t like AAA because they hassled her when she had a legitimate claim, but she sticks with them because their discounts make AAA auto insurance cheaper than any other insurance policy in her market area.

By asking tough questions whenever she sees a change to her premiums and when she has a claim to file, she gets the best rates and service.

It’s a hassle, and can give you a headache, but be sure to ask questions over and over until you understand all the confusing numbers and terminology involved in auto insurance policies and coverage documents.

It’s tempting to believe auto insurance companies are all rip-offs and we’re their victims, but auto insurance adjustors will tell you drivers and auto body repair shops are rip-offs too.

It’s a big circle of people trying to exploit each other, I guess. But the more auto insurance information you have ahead of time, the more questions you ask, the lower your deductible…all of these are as important as driving properly.

Good luck getting the best auto insurance at the best prices. It’s no accident if you do…it’s because you applied the money-saving tips you just read :)

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