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Donald Trump Kills Scotland: How Apprentice Birther Bankruptcy King Paved Over Paradise

  • Written by  Amber Lovejoy
See how the Bankruptcy King helped destroy Scotland… See how the Bankruptcy King helped destroy Scotland…


Donald Trump, the rich casino developer-politician who insanely claims that Barack Obama was born in Africa, portrays himself as a business genius, a political godfather and a television star.

You’ve seen his charming Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice television shows…where you watch him treat people badly while his hair goes crazy.

When a rich American guy targets Scotland, the only good thing that happens is a documentary movie…

Trump’s “genius” includes borrowing billions of dollars, spending lavishly on himself and his entourage, then using bankruptcy laws to avoid his debts and make others pay for his mistakes.

Trump has used bankruptcy protection at least four times, as recently as 2009, to escape going broke from his business failures.

What’s really funny is that when Donald Trump ran for president, he claimed that government spends too much money and isn’t financially responsible or smart.

I guess he would know about being financially irresponsible and dumb, wouldn’t he? The Donald could well have written the book on that!

Unfortunately, Trump’s business failures haven’t prevented him from getting new loans so he can do more harm.

Now you can see in stunning detail just how much harm, by watching a hard-hitting, powerful new movie called You’ve Been Trumped.

The film reminds me of the early work of Oscar-winner Michael Moore, who followed around General Motors executive Roger Smith, confronting Smith about sending American jobs overseas and helping to destroy Flint, Michigan in the process.

In You’ve Been Trumped, filmmaker Anthony Baxter busts Trump as The Donald implements his plan to destroy a beautiful, unique part of Aberdeenshire, on the Scottish North Sea coast.

The sad story starts in 2005 when Trump was allowed to buy a protected environment near the Scottish village of Balmedie. How a nearly-bankrupt man is able to spend millions of borrowed dollars, I'll never understand.

But then again, I'm not a genius like Donald Trump.

Trump bought a protected area described as “the Amazon rainforest of Scotland.” It was a heartbreakingly pristine area of dunes, grasslands, rare plants and animals and shorelines.

But The Donald looked at it and saw dollar signs...if he bulldozed the beauty to build golf courses, condos and a hotel.

The local people and scientists opposed Trump’s plans and the movie shows how Trump literally bulldozes them off their land.

But this compelling movie is more than just a report on how one greedy man ruined a beautiful place.

It shows a process that’s all too familiar to many of us who’ve seen beautiful places paved over. The process goes like this:

•    A developer finds green space, wilderness or near-wilderness and wants to pave it.
    The developer lines up borrowed money for the project.
•    The developer buys off or otherwise influences politicians and officials so they’ll support the project.
•    The developer promises that the project will provide jobs, but far fewer jobs are provided than are promised.
•    The developer uses intimidation and other tactics to crush those who oppose the project.
•    The developer gets government approval for the project, even though local citizens oppose it, and in come the bulldozers and chain saws.
    Another portion of the earth is converted from a beautiful place into a paved, ruined place.

You’ve Been Trumped shows what happens to people who stand up to 1% elites such as Trump. They get their water cut off. Their property and way of life is stolen from them. They face Trump's legal threats, lawsuits, physical intimidation, and the possibility of violence. Activists who oppose the developer are targeted for official harassment, as greedy politicians and bureaucrats side with the developer.

Filmmaker Anthony Baxter found out the hard way: police arrested him for doing journalism to expose Trump.

The story of how the American bankruptcy king invaded and destroyed a piece of beautiful Scotland has received the highest ratings from movie critics, the press and the general public.

The film’s website gives you a list of activistim steps you can take to oppose Trump and the ongoing paving of the area his project is ruining.

These days, I find myself often realizing that those of us in the 99% are having a hard time fighting back against the 1% elite forces and Trumpsters who kill our world.

Go see this incredible movie about Donald Trump and the destruction he rains down on the earth, and then consider making a movie of your own about similar destruction taking place near you. The good news is that a coalition of groups have fought back against Trump's development, trying to at least slow it down or reverse it.

Making movies and using peaceful non-violent protest against bullies like Trump are some of the few ways left for us to fight back against the rich guys who are stealing our planet from us.

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