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Jerry Sandusky, Abortion, Contraceptives, Child Molesters, Sex Offenders, Child Killers: Discover the Sick Connection

  • Written by  Amber Lovejoy
Child Molesters and Child Killers: Ruining the Lives of Angels Child Molesters and Child Killers: Ruining the Lives of Angels

Jerry Sandusky, the fallen Penn State football coach found guilty of molesting children, lives across from a schoolyard, I wonder why.

In his criminal trial, his clueless and perhaps accomplice wife defended poor Sandusky, claiming she never knew he was "showering" with little boys and wooing them at home. The woman even had the arrogance to attack Sandusky's "alleged" child molestation victims.

Sandusky's adopted son has now stepped forward to say his stepfather molested him!

And another man has gone public by name, saying he is one of the guys Sandusky "allegedly molested." The jury in Sandusky's trial has now confirmed what sane people already knew: the Penn State hero had molested children.

But there's more to child molesting than Jerry Sandusky. Read the headlines. You see story after story about adults hurting little kids. It's time for all of us to look at what's really going on...and it's a lot deeper than a few sick Sandusky-type pervs here and there. It's about how our society treats women, children, child molesters and child killers.

First of all, you notice that people don't take baby-making and parenting seriously enough.

In bars and strip clubs, at NASCAR races and professional wrestling matches, in the military line and welfare line, in colleges and trade schools, in pool halls and night clubs, men and women meet, and some of them decide to have sex.

They have sex before they know each other well enough. They have sex for the same reason they drink beer or order a hamburger.

When stricter regulation on abortion and contraceptives results in more unwanted children, child molesters are happy.

A few have sex because they think they’re in love.

They often have sex without enough knowledge about birth control, or about the full financial, medical and personal cost of pregnancy and parenting.

If they’re under 20, they’re likely the product of Just Say No abstinence-only sex education programs that refuse to talk about contraceptives and abortion. Here’s the advice for girls: “Keep your legs closed and let God take care of everything else.”

Because of increasing “conservative” fervor to restrict sex education, contraceptives and abortion, these feckless youngsters are more likely to have sex that produces unplanned, often unwanted children.

Creating a new human life should require more training and forethought than building a house or driving a car.

Instead, anybody who engages in sexual intercourse can produce a child, with no training or forethought at all.

Some women find out they’re pregnant but can’t even remember which guy is the father. Or the pregnant woman is poor, sick, busy, not ready to become a mom right now, or just plain never wanted to become a mother.

She wants to end the pregnancy…but more and more women can’t get abortions or morning-after pills easily, because abortions and contraceptives are increasingly regulated by the GOP, health insurance won’t cover contraceptives (although it covers Viagra), abortion doctors have been murdered by “pro-life” religious fanatics, or their local Planned Parenthood was forced to shut down because of bombings, arson, budget cuts.

So the choice to bring another human consciousness into this world (another human that did not exist and now will face birth, sickness, old age and death) is often made without any intelligent planning and consideration.

It’s like building a house with no blueprints, without knowing whether the location you’re building on is prone to floods or tornadoes.

It’s a recipe for disaster.

Our society is plagued by poor parenting, abusive parents, parents that don’t deserve their children.

Like the Arizona mom who put her baby on the roof of her car, forgot the baby was there, and drove away.

The baby tumbled off the roof in the middle of an intersection. Mom didn’t remember baby until much later. Ooops. Thank god the baby wasn’t killed.

Should that type of person have children?

Babies and Children are Innocent and Helpless…
Why So Little Protection?

Lust, drunkenness, desperation, prostitution, poverty, mental illness, a casual sexual encounter, two people who think they’re in love even though they just met, or even a serious relationship between solid, well-meaning folks that mysteriously, suddenly goes wrong…into these flawed circumstances and others, a baby is born.

The poor baby is innocent, helpless, totally dependent on its caregivers.

If the parents are not infused with love, gentleness, competence, caregiving-- that baby will suffer tremendously.

And in some cases that baby will be beaten with fists, sticks, axe handles, pieces of wood, pots and pans.

That baby will be burned with cigarettes, thrown down the stairs, slammed into the wall, smothered, suffocated, drowned, tortured, chopped up, subjected to television, drugs, alcohol, junk food, violence, filth, screaming, cold, heat, vicious dogs, starvation.

That innocent, battered baby looks at the world with stark fear in its eyes, its little body bruised, its spongy bones twisted, its spirit crushed.

If that baby survives into adulthood, it will be a person plagued by anxiety, distrust, and depression.

And despite the fact that Americans preach family values, Jesus, human rights-- many children never live long enough to escape parental abuse or become adults.

If abuse is discovered, children may become wards of the government, transferred to foster homes where they are often abused again.

Or they’re handed off to grandparents and other relatives, who often abuse them again.

Overworked, underpaid child protection agency caseworkers cannot keep up with all the babies and children they’re supposed to protect.

They can’t track the shape-shifting chaotic lives of unemployed, drug addict, booze-addled, in and out of prison, angry, loser parents who carry their children like baggage from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

They can’t keep up with the cries for help.

And it’s not just in low-income homes where child abuse, molestation and child killing occurs. It’s also happening in the rich neighborhoods, like the case of the wealthy military wife in Tampa, Florida, who shot dead her two teenage children.

Foster homes, hospitals and morgues are full of injured and dead babies and children harmed by parents, relatives, strangers.

It seems nobody can or will adequately protect our society’s innocent ones.

Only someone who loves the suffering of others would disagree with the idea that it would have better if they’d not been born at all.

Pedophile Sex Desire + Dominance = Child Molestation

If children survive their early years, whether born to the wealthy elite or the ever-growing permanent underclass, they are, like animals and Nature itself, often victims of the human lust for dominance.

Above all else, what distinguishes humans from all other animals is our love for dominance, and our ability to carry it out.

In everything we do, from genetically modifying organisms, to cutting down trees, to bulldozing meadows, to sucking all the fish out of the oceans, to building vertical power worlds where bosses rule workers, to our schools where children are taught they must ask permission to urinate, it’s all about dominance.

In the lives of children, dominance takes many forms; add pedophiliac sexual attraction to dominance, and you get child molestation.

As with the rise in reports of people who choose to act like cannibals, zombies and vampires, there are also increasing reports of people who molest children.

And not just molest them, but torture them, kill them, dismember them.

In an era when sex offender registries allegedly make it easy for a mother to find out if there are any sex offenders where she and her children live, some mothers still make stupid choices, leaving their children open to sick predators.

For example, the mother of 9-year-old Aliahna Lemmon didn’t bother to check the sex offender registry when she moved to Northway Woods mobile home park in Fort Wayne, Indiana to take care of her now-deceased father, James Lemmon.

But even without checking the sex offender registry, she should have known that her father himself was a convicted sex offender.

Still, she brought her little girl to live with her sex offender father, and also failed to discover that 15 other sex offenders live in the same trailer park.

So was it any surprise when 39-year-old fugitive Michael Plumadore, described in news reports as a “family friend who was babysitting the girl” was arrested for killing and dismembering Aliahna in June?

The way I see it, Aliahna’s parents bear some responsibility for what happened. The mom should never have brought her child to that sordid place. And as usual, where the hell was the girl’s father?!

Sex Offenders: Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood, or Already There?

Sex offenders really are everywhere.

In the neighborhood where I live, the sex offender registry shows nine sex offenders within a eleven-block radius.

My neighborhood isn’t a trashy trailer park. It’s a slowly-dying formerly upscale now middle-class neighborhood wracked by the foreclosure real estate bubble fraud perpetrated on us by the banksters, the real estate agents, the appraisers, the developers.

You wouldn’t be able to look at those bad men’s houses and intuit that they’re sex offenders. The houses are in some cases quite fancy, their yards mowed, their inhabitants never seen.

And yet these are men who’ve fondled or even raped little kids. Some have been convicted several times, and always released after serving a few months or years in jail, prison or a mental institution.

How does a child fall prey to sex predators? It often starts with lack of attentiveness and vigilance by the children’s parents. Like the mother of two children who lived across the street three doors down from me.

She moved here with her two daughters, pulling up at a foreclosed house recently converted into a rental in a big, loaded SUV with an Alabama license plate and a bumper sticker that says “Italian Babe.”

She’s an attractive, Italian-American woman in her late 20’s, living off the proceeds of her divorce and child support payments and her job as a stripper (she calls her job “cocktail waitress”), with its under the table g-string payments.

Her little girls are well-behaved and shy. One is five; the other is seven. They wear little pink helmets with plastic animal ears on them as they ride tiny bicycles up and down the streets.

One afternoon I saw them unaccompanied riding two blocks over. A registered sex offender lives on that block.

I told the girls to go back home. I went up to their front door and rang the bell. I could hear a television set blasting. I had to pound on the door to get the mom’s attention.

She answered the door wearing a see-through negligee, her hair unkempt, holding a cigarette on in one hand and a Budweiser in the other. It was mid-afternoon.

“Your daughters were riding their bikes two blocks away,” I told her. “It’s not safe. You need to go online and look at the sex offender registry.”

“Oh my god, you’re kidding,” she gasped.

No, I’m not kidding, I replied, taking a few minutes to explain to her that the neighborhood had a lot of sex offenders in it.

“I had no idea, it looks so safe here,” she said. “I’ll keep a watch on the girls from now on, I promise.”

The whole time, I could hear her television blasting “Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

The smell of her cigarettes and beer breath were driving me back off the doorstep.

I went back to my house feeling I’d done something to protect those children.

But two days later, I saw them riding alone again. This time three blocks away, on a busier street.

Again, I went and knocked on the woman’s door, noticing a big, fat Harley parked in the driveway behind her SUV.

It took her a while to get to the door. A large, bearded, cigarette-smoking man was in the shadows behind her, sitting at a table covered with beer bottles.

“Your kids, they’re over on the avenue,” I said.

The man yelled: “Is that the dumb f***ing bitch who’s trying to tell you how to raise your kids?”

She quickly shut the door behind her, and apologized.

“Sorry about that. He don’t like kids,” she said. “When he comes over, I tell them to go play. Otherwise he yells at them and threatens to beat them. He has a bad temper.”

I thought about asking her why she’d be involved with a man like that, but thought better of it. I already knew she’d have some kind of bizarre, pathetic answer.

Instead, I told her bluntly that she was endangering her children, and left.

Several of my neighbors also noticed the little girls playing far from home alone, and one of them called Child Protective Services.

One day, several police cars pulled up at the woman’s home all at once. Police officers and a Child Protective Services employee led her little girls, crying, into one of the police cars. They led the mother, handcuffed into another one.

The cops wouldn’t tell us exactly what was going on, but in the papers the next day, we saw the woman had been charged with contributing to the abuse of a minor. The man had been charged with felony child abuse.

You could hope that those poor little girls will be placed with loving foster parents, and will never have to go back to their biological mom.

But that’s not how the system works. They’re almost certain to be returned to their biological mom within a few weeks of her release from jail.

And the cycle of abuse can start all over again, because some of these women never learn. They get lonely and horny. They pick up some new guy in a bar or a Harley show, and their kids suffer again and again.

Why Do Parents Fail to Protect Their Kids
From Child Molester Sex Offenders?

Parents can’t be with their children 24 hours a day. Even the most dedicated stay at home parents sometimes have to trust their children to the world. What makes it hard for parents is that our society has a bad habit of releasing sex offenders, and even child killers, from prison.

Our society has a bad habit of allowing pedophiliac organizations (such as some international churches) to continue to operate.

I’ve seen people protesting that sex offender registries are unfair. I’ve heard people arguing that raping children, or adults, isn’t that bad of a crime.

So no way am I blaming parents for all cases where children are abused or sexually molested.

But in many cases, it’s mom’s latest boyfriend, or the baby father, or some stranger that the parents should never have allowed their children to be in contact with, who’s responsible for the abuse or molestation.

In some cases, it’s the mom herself. You sit in shock when you read about the mom who drowned her five children in a bathtub, claiming at trial that Jesus or the devil told her to do it.

If a man did that, he’d almost always get the electric chair. But most women who kill their own children aren’t sentenced to hard time at all, even though they murdered the fruit of their own womb.

They use the mental health excuse and get away without punishment.

I just don’t get it.

Forgive Them, or Kill Them?

In general, I am a pacifist. I am all into forgiveness, and compassion, as much as I can be.

On the other hand, if someone physically attacks me or my family or friends, I’d have to fight back.

Self-defense is a tricky thing. You notice that George Zimmerman has many supporters who say they’d have killed Trayvon Martin too.

After all, Martin was black, he wore a hoodie, and he fought back.

Based on Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” gun law, sponsored by the NRA and the billionaire Koch brothers, when you chase somebody and stalk them, if they fight back and especially if they’re a black kid in a hoodie, you have a right to shoot them dead and walk away free.

Or so George Zimmerman and his supporters believe.

Penn State “Hero” Jerry Sandusky and the Case for
A Child Molester Death Penalty

I would have hoped that our species by this time would better learn to settle our disputes through negotiation rather than violence.

But at the national level, with President Obama defending war, or at the personal level, as with George Zimmerman, America likes to create disputes and then settle them settling using deadly force.

The “pro-life” abortion opponents who support the death penalty and also support murdering abortion doctors, they trouble me, especially after I read Stephen King’s book The Green Mile. The book is way better than the movie, even though the movie’s good. Read it. It’s about the brutality of the death penalty, and a whole lot more.

But there’s something in me, maybe it’s because I’m a woman, or maybe it’s because I’ve always hated seeing little innocent things suffer-whether it’s a deer shot by a hunter, a bunny crushed by a car, or a child tormented by other children or adults-that makes me want to hit back at anyone who deliberately inflicts pain on an innocent being.

When I see these near-constant reports of yet another child sexually molested or killed, it makes my blood boil.

Whether it’s the molestation committed by Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, or the proven molestation done by Catholic priests, child killers, violent abusive parents, and strangers who like to beat, molest or kill little kids, I wonder why they often get such lax treatment.

At least we should ensure that when these people get caught, that they go to trial and are judged fairly, and if convicted they’re put away so they can NEVER harm a child again.

But child molesters often get away with it, because our court system is totally screwed up.


Of course, Sandusky proclaimed his innocence and goes on television acting like he’s a victim of false accusations.

Sandusky's lawyer has the arrogance to argue that coaches showering with young boys is just something that happens in athletics, and if you don't get it, it's because you weren't an athlete.

But sane people know that big adult coaches showering alone with little boys in a furtive manner is not what you experience as a child athlete-- it's what you experience if your coach is a molester.

Many child molesters don’t see what’s wrong with what they’ve done. There’s no way to guarantee they won’t try to do it again.

People argue that child molesters and child killers are mentally ill. They should be put in mental institutions, or castrated, treated with compassion, their advocates say.

But whenever I see reports about yet another sex offender who was out on parole or bail, and they’ve molested or even killed another child, it occurs to me that repeat offenders should be permanently put to sleep, like you’d do a rabid dog.

To me, if someone is so crazy that they like to sexually abuse, torture and kill children, that’s a good reason to end their life.

I especially think the death penalty is totally appropriate for those crazed, self-confessed sexual predators who’ve ruined or ended children’s lives, and they’re practically begging to be executed.

Most of us would agree they deserve to die. My view is that every time society kills a person who murders a little child, especially if that person sexually molested and otherwise tormented the child, the soul of that dead child sprouts bigger wings to use as an angel in heaven.

In a more perfect world, every man and woman would first consider what it means to bring a new human into this world—before they have sex.

They’d be absolutely sure—before the woman got pregnant--that they were mature enough, had enough money, had enough parenting skills to do parenting right and to protect their kids from molestation and violence.

Comprehensive parenting and sex education, contraceptives, and safe, affordable abortion options should obviously be easily available to ensure that women who don’t want to be pregnant or stay pregnant are empowered so they can avoid producing unwanted children.

And we’d more fully embrace our shared responsibility to protect innocent beings from abusers and predators.

The fact that Jerry Sandusky was found guilty gives me hope that our society has taken a turn for the better when it comes to holding people accountable for harming children.

Let's hope that Sandusky is locked away the rest of his life, and that his disgusting lawyers don't appeal the jury's verdict.

Only when we take a bold stand against all child molesters and child killers can we say we are truly civilized. Until then, the tears and blood of the innocent ones go unanswered and unavenged.

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