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In my first-ever article on RosebudMag.com, I issued an open challenge to hydroponics industry monopolists and hypocrites who are discriminating against Advanced Nutrients and harming growers by stifling the free flow of hydroponics information and the availability of the most effective hydroponics nutrients and gear.
First of all let me thank Advanced Nutrients for giving me the chance to have this published on the RosebudMag.com website. What I am writing here was originally sent in the form of an email questionnaire/statement to the owners of three hydroponics businesses: Sunlight Supply, Maximum Yield and Urban Garden.…
Editor’s Note: The enclosed comment came in as a response to the Hydroponics Hijacking article written by Big Mike Straumietis, the co-founder of Advanced Nutrients, and posted on the Rosebudmag.com website. The grower’s text was too long to post as a comment, but we at Rosebud felt it worth posting…

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